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Sunday 23rd June 2019


Athens 2016. The complexities of immigration are exposed when four lives collide within the backdrop of Amerika square. Two Greek friends, along with a Syrian ex-Military doctor, an African singer and a human trafficker each navigate the refugees crisis in Athens. When one of their actions becomes the unthinkable, the others are forced to work [..more..]

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Saturday 22nd June 2019


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I need a dog

I need a dog. To pet and cuddle and play with and to go on walks with… I just really need a dog.

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Friday 21st June 2019


Tintoretto was an Italian painter and a notable exponent of the Venetian school. The speed with which he painted, and the unprecedented boldness of his brushwork, were both admired and criticized by his contemporaries. For his phenomenal energy in painting he was termed Il Furioso. His work is characterised by his muscular figures, dramatic gestures [..more..]

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Thursday 20th June 2019


eek i opened the coffee jar too hard and they crashed all over the floor !! coffee granule carpet on socks! so sticky

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Tuesday 18th June 2019

too muc masturbation how do i stop

i need to stop watching porn and jerking off its getting bad i do tis eeveryday now its too much i need to stop o damn i have lost focus and i feel weird with no energy this cannot be good for my health i need to give up oh damn i need to stop [..more..]

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Sunday 16th June 2019


The battle begins between the five superheroes and Hawk Moth's army, but the villains soon prove to be too strong. With Dark Cupid's arrows, Scarlet Moth akumatizes even more people, including Rena Rouge, Carapace and Queen Bee, resulting in the former two transforming into "Rena Rage" and "Shell Shock", respectively, while the latter again becomes [..more..]

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Saturday 15th June 2019

internet is s***

I don`t know why i come here its so s*** online there is nothing in this hollow existence internet is really s***ty it makes me feel unfulfilled its f***ing awful to be honest with you there is nothing in this hollow existence The inter webs is a place to come and lose yourself for a [..more..]

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Friday 14th June 2019


Some men might like to rub there d***s on tree trunks; the company has a picknick in the park; the tree f***er goes to the tree and starts rubbin his d*** on it for kicks……????? he wants acceptance in the work place….

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Wednesday 12th June 2019


Just imagine, you’re a supervillain, fighting a hero who’s moderately strong, wearing a colorful suit, and making very annoying jokes. Sure he’s a tough opponent, but nothing you need to be truly scared of. Then in the crowd watching, you spot an elderly woman looking for her nephew, or a sexy redhead watching the fight. [..more..]

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