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Sunday 3rd May 2020

why me

i thought i was this happy little girl where she had everything she ever wanted but as soon as i grow up i felt like there is a part of me that was not okay , when i got older i saw the reality i was living in. i was living in a family where [..more..]

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So trendy 20something year old

I don't want to be mean. I really dislike it. I only am mainly horrible when I feel attacked or pushed down. Sometimes people in my family say nasty comments and then I fire back. It's not appealing. If anything, after I feel guilty, more than normal. I know they say we are mean to [..more..]

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We’ve been sitting across from each other in class for almost half the year. Aside from the occasional glance at each other and help on homework, we never really talked much. But something about me caught your eye. And today you decided to finally ask me out. (Romantic and detailed.)

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Saturday 2nd May 2020

Can’t understand modern entertainment

I just took a look at the videos created by some of the most popular vloggers in Vietnam and I was shocked. The content is so trashy and still, it attracted so many young people. I still remember the first generation of vloggers in Vietnam who were students studying overseas. Their content was well-made and [..more..]

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i’m getting matured faster than i expected

i don't know what happened but it seems like i don't get easily attached to someone like before, as i grow up parting with someone is normal. before i'm really scared that the person that i just met and got attached to is going, i realized that nothing is permanent in this world. of that [..more..]

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Well its a pity party.

You know when the quarantine started. I didn't really notice a difference…i didn't really see how this was bad at first. I didn't see anyone,I'm in my house all day,and I eat take out. Not any different from a regular day. Without school or work my life has been increasingly repetitive and boring. I don't [..more..]

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They trying to build a prison

They trying to build a prison over a f***ing cold …. utter c***s.

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Friday 1st May 2020

its good to be happy

i dont know why im doing this hahah maybe im just one of those edgy wannabe teenager thats on their phase have you ever just want to feel the hate,the pain,the hurtfeelings again that people gave you. i mean, i know that im already being used by this, but when those feeling are gone, a [..more..]

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Why, when I call you act like I can't tell that you're mouthing things to the person next to you. Your mouth is right up against the phone, I hear the movement of your jaw and tongue moving in that dry old mouth of yours. You act fake, cold, I only wanted to talk. When [..more..]

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She got up, made the bed just to lay down back on it. Due to responsibilities she had to make breakfast. As she makes her way gravity weights her down but not as much as the imbalance in her mind. "What do you want to eat kids?" She asked but she really wants to crawl [..more..]

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