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Wednesday 13th December 2023

I make my Girlfriend tell Me the Humiliating DETAILS of her rape and then I get HARD and F-uck her.

My girlfriend was raped a few months ago because she wasn't alert and careful. I was angry about it and she became reclusive after her rape ordeal. One night I just had enough of her being withdrawn and I took her forcibly. She tried to resist and I demanded to know all the details of [..more..]

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Penis or C***? Which to say?

When I was in the hospital I was surprised when the nurse used the word C***. The nurse and her CNA both called it a C***. I thought she'd use the word penis. Somehow I think of the word penis as a more medical term. She didn't. I guess nurses are now 'woke' and use [..more..]

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Tuesday 12th December 2023

I’m a bad Muslim girl and I need to be punished.

I’m a bad Muslim girl and I should be punished. My family moved to the US from Pakistan. When I was fourteen my Father caught me masturbating. He was very angry and disappointed in me. I’m ashamed for upsetting Father. I had taken my panties completely off and was rubbing away when he unexpectedly entered [..more..]

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Sunday 10th December 2023

i want to stop feeling

god why do i feel every emotion so intensely

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Monday 6th November 2023

Fashion Industry

Eyemyeye provide Eyewear range brings a modern touch to fit-in the millennial fashion as well as serve the classic-love of the aged perfectionists.

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Just ..

I don't want to sleep, because the thought of waking up is giving me anxiety and at the same time it's giving me nothing to look forward to. But i also want to sleep. Because that's the only way i can numb myself. And i just checked my posts on this website from 9 years [..more..]

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Wednesday 4th October 2023


This is a test

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Sunday 27th August 2023

Ended an engagement

My ex fiancé and I ended our engagement last night . We had been engaged for 3 months and we both just decided that marriage was not for us.neither one of us wanted to be married. We are still friends but we both are so happy to be single again !

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Monday 7th August 2023


I thought my life would get better. On this day,12 years ago, I was sad, insecure and hopeless. I hated myself. The way I looked and how inept I was at nearly everything. Nothing has changed. I still feel the same way as I did back then.

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Saturday 15th July 2023

Personal rants of a pathetic loser porn addict guy.

Ive not masturbated today, my balls have no idea whats happening as they have not shot cum. My balls are perplexed and in a state of unknowing.. I deleted my porn collection yesterday and now downloaded a few scenes again today. I have been watching a briana banks movie where she has full sex with [..more..]

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