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Tuesday 5th January 2021

Things unwanted

When you asked when was I in shape. I’m not fat or overweight. When you acted like I didn’t know how to lift weights. You went the extra step by trying to show me. When you didn’t take me out on a proper date. When you had me pay for many outings. When you acted [..more..]

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This is my title

I’m hurting because you didn’t have the decency to respond back like an adult. I’m hurting because I can’t change the past. I hurt because I’ve once again made horrible decisions. It hurts knowing you mean so little to some people. I’m sad because now I feel ugly and dirty. It hurts when you give [..more..]

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I’m glad I went with the initial feelings that I got from you. I wish it wouldn’t have been you. The one time I would ever think of doing something wrong and I picked you. You made me feel like s***. Not to mention insecure. And I should but not because of you. I felt [..more..]

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những việc vớ vẩn

đang yên đang lành thì bị mẹ chồng đòi IC để đăng ký vào đường dây đa cấp, híc. Thôi tuỳ bà, giải thích rùi mà bà mê muội quá. Người ta dính 1 lần thôi là biết đây bà cứ dính đi dính lại thì sợ quá. xong rồi lại họp hành. để bàn [..more..]

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Monday 4th January 2021


I’m so hungry 🤤

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Sunday 3rd January 2021


Hell is me. I am my own hell.

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Like I never was there

It's been so long. It's been a while since I felt this way. I have a job, a house; I have Friends, I have entertainment. Things to do. A place to sleep, good, even a decent computer. Things to avoid thinking of my self. Of my real feelings. But now its here. It's been so [..more..]

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It is not what I want. I don't want any trick. Please, be honest to me.

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Saturday 2nd January 2021

Wednesday and Visit to courthouse

September 26, 2019 11:03 AM Was unable to read for long. [Can't remember why I wrote the above line] I went to a Criminal Court at 1000 Finch Have West, Toronto. It was my first time at a courthouse. I had a few questions as I couldn't navigate the courthouse. Didn't know what courtroom to [..more..]

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