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Saturday 8th February 2020

She wanted lust

Questioning if love is real made the chest ache. Love a word that so many believe in and put high up on their priorities to find. Knowing now love may be only in the movies she wanted something else. She wanted to be with someone that focused on her. Not only body, but all of [..more..]

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Friday 7th February 2020

I’m not ok.

I can't ever help but think people don't really want me. They always want some part of me, or something I can do, or something they think they need from me. It just makes me feel like I'm not enough for people, ever. I feel like everyone actually cared about me they'd do more. I [..more..]

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I took my oldest child to school made sure my youngest was eating breakfast and content then listened to Alabama Shakes in bed while I cried periodically. In the afternoon I indulged in a hour nap as my son was talking his. So f***ing exhausted all the time

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So f***ing pissed

Hope you fill that pretty mouth up with hotdogs to the point they are coming out those ears of yours.

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Okay, I really need to hurt these dogs!

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Thursday 6th February 2020


This website is s***

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Down, down, down she goes

I was so busy all day then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I just feel so…. Not insecure but unwanted. I feel like I will never be enough to anyone. Except for my children. I had a talk with my husband the other night and told him how I had been feeling. [..more..]

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Wednesday 5th February 2020

I woke up mentally sound then

These thoughts started Did he settle.. he missed out on so much, the 9 months, the birth, just to be thrown into a relationship, a life unexpected. I would say I feel pitty on him but I'm sure he's happy. I didn't see it going down that way. Was it a trap. Did she know [..more..]

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Reason why

She was the oldest of four children and had to be the responsible one. The attention was taken off of her when the youngest was born, a little boy. He would get his fathers name and be the one to pass on the family name, they adored him. The second youngest a beautiful athletic daughter. [..more..]

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