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Friday 18th January 2013

january 17th 2013

hello yesterday was so busy I am trying to rest before my mom comes back I thank all the people that is by my side that loves or care about my family and me I was so angry yesterday because some times things just push me to far or try me to much and I [..more..]

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Saturday 5th January 2013

why..?…am I ugly ?

confidence have been hunting me all my life….it started from be being bulled as a child….this affected my personality all the way througth growing up…am 20 years old…I have learned never to expect anything from anyone..dont ask anyone for body will care for you…be self independent Another thing I have been struggling being [..more..]

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Thursday 3rd January 2013

can’t tell him

there is a guy that i really really really like but i can’t tell any body about this feelings i feel towards him he is older than me by 13 year and i think that just too much but i can’t hold it any more.

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I know my style and who I am I just need the body to match.

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Wednesday 2nd January 2013

Starving to be Substantial

I’m not sure what else to say except that while I’m relatively healthy (minus the suicidal tendencies) for my frame, I feel hideous and grotesque. I haven’t eaten more than 500 calories for some time now. I don’t consider myself to be anorexic, particularly since I don’t have a lethal condition. My body needs to [..more..]

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i just want to say to sean foster of up town may your soul rest in peace I been thinking about you for a minute but I remember you and hd cooke fairmount street and to every body that passed on we love yall always fats gilum woodland and stink of east gate midnight smiles [..more..]

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Wednesday 26th December 2012


i need some clothes and shoes like every body has been shoppinh for their selves for a long time and I had to wear what people picked out for me plus I was so fat that I could not walk that far plus I could not stand for more than a minute but I lost [..more..]

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touching hearts

merry Christmas world and all that here santa please don’t forget us here yes you are busy we respect that so take your time what can you say hope every body gets some good stuff for Christmas and get that new years kiss wow I haven’t had a kiss in years but cool i love [..more..]

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Tuesday 25th December 2012

In Her Shadow

My best friend is like Barbie. She is beyond stunning and has a million guys running after her. And sometimes I wonder why she is even friends with me. Shouldn’t she be with all the rest of the rest of her kind? I constantly get compared to her too. My family likes her just as [..more..]

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Sunday 23rd December 2012

Help. Somebody. Anybody.

I couldn’t believe it; she’d actually tried to take her own life. Tried to end it all. She had felt so down and useless that she decided no one would miss her, and ended it. But I did miss her. Like a piece of my soul had been ripped out. Although Aspen hadn’t succeeded at [..more..]

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