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hello yesterday was so busy I am trying to rest before my mom comes back I thank all the people that is by my side that loves or care about my family and me I was so angry yesterday because some times things just push me to far or try me to much and I am dealing with a lot trying to take care of every body and not just my house hold but the world and it hurts that when I ask for help I have to hear a lot of things and some times I don’t even get any help I fill like a lot of people are trying to take advantage of my kind spirit I don’t mind being pushed to futher my self but some times they push me to much I am only one person who don’t get to go any where unless I am running errons for people I am okay it’s just at times I fill over whelm with no one to comfort me or tell me thank you for helping me but hay as long as I make or try to make every body happy I am happy but if I ask for some time to my self I should have that I just want the freaking best for every body in this whole world like for every body to reach all therir goals and accomplishment and be cool don’t hurt any body trying to achive your goals because every body have filling whether they show them or not it would help if every body stay alive help one another well love you all want the best for us all so happy thoughts to all and positive thinking to us all

2 thoughts on “january 17th 2013

  1. Anonymous says:

    I F***ED UR MOM

    1. Anonymous says:

      why are you doing this?

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