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i need some clothes and shoes like every body has been shoppinh for their selves for a long time and I had to wear what people picked out for me plus I was so fat that I could not walk that far plus I could not stand for more than a minute but I lost some weight and I got a little bit of money like under $200.00 yeah I am trying to get comfortable shoes that fit plus a dress yes a dress just enough for 1 but a skirt and some shirts for now plus I am freaking trying to lose some freaking weight dang soon as I lose the s*** the weight freaking comes back dang their are ways to get it off quick but yeah I am trying to do this on my own with the help and strength of GOD even if the weight don’t leave before I give up GOD see me trying like every day all day so yeah have not had sex yet it is about to be twenty thirteen two thousand and thirteen and maybe I can go swimming this year wow money is so freaking hard to get with out borrowing or doing something for it like and it is only enough for some things not every thing you need for awhile fill me dang

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