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Posted by on 2012/12/25 under Friends

My best friend is like Barbie. She is beyond stunning and has a million guys running after her. And sometimes I wonder why she is even friends with me. Shouldn’t she be with all the rest of the rest of her kind? I constantly get compared to her too. My family likes her just as much as they like me or possibly more. She has the most amazing clothes, a perfect body, and blonde hair down to her butt. And here I am, a scrawny, short girl with shoulder length mousy brown hair. I feel like I can never be my own person because she always outshines me. I am never “the pretty one” and I never get the lead in the play because Little Miss Perfect always does. And last week I found out that this kid I’ve liked for six months is falling for her. I just can’t get this out of my head and needed to vent.

One thought on “In Her Shadow

  1. nobody says:

    i feel bad for you, because noone does

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