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Thursday 3rd January 2013


I need to believe that there are good people out there. People who care. People who love. I have lost all hope for myself ever finding these people. I need to believe that failure is for the best, but how can I do that when I am failing all of my classes in school and [..more..]

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Monday 24th December 2012

ugh but I hate feeling like that…

Mark hack is annoying. He needs to know there is more than one right answer, not just his. I need to step back when I read his stuff.

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Friday 21st December 2012

strange feeling of me

have you ever been to a place where you feel you belong to that place. the wind, the pressure, the smell are welcoming you. they act like they have known you for years, they have known you more than you know about yourself and they act like they know what do you feel deep inside. [..more..]

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Thursday 13th December 2012


I do not know if it is a blessing or a curse but I always care so much more for the people around me than they care for me. I love to love but sometimes when I just need that one person to be there for me like I wouldn’t hesitate to be there for [..more..]

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Thursday 22nd November 2012

Nothing is ever going to be ok

I was diagnosed with depression last year i stopped taking my tablets it started to get worse i went back today and im back on the meds;/ I dont want peoples attention i dont want sympothy i just want to get my feeling out somewhere and not let anyone i know, know how i really [..more..]

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Saturday 10th November 2012

A little advice for myself when i start feeling horrible again

You can do better, you don’t need him to be happy, it’s hard now but it’s going to get better, your not the only one feeling like this. You will start feeling better and one day you will look back and realize it was for the best. Don’t give up, just keep going, keep your [..more..]

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Thursday 8th November 2012

feeling scared and alone….

I am 21 years old have been diagnosed with skin cancer for the second time, i have been avoiding the doctor because i knew, i am stage 3 and i just feel like i will never be normal its always something, 3 years ago i had to get kidney surgery because i have bad kidneys. [..more..]

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love is hard

damn love is not easy…its going to take a while for me to understand.this girl is just like my other half. i think i love her but i have a feeling i can trust her. i asked my dad and he said i was just to young to understand what love is so i move [..more..]

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Wednesday 7th November 2012

Without a spouse

When you used to live with a person who you really love and you used to fight with and then suddenly that person disappears, you will be dominated by the loneliness feeling ,, this is based on true experience

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Thursday 1st November 2012


I have 3 boys i can’t get out of my mind. I have a feeling they like me but another side of me says ‘no way!’ I’m sooo confused!!!

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