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Monday 9th January 2012


I’m just so sick of everything, I’m sad and I don’t know why. I’m tire of feeling so bad I just want to relapse. My gosh, I can’t cry, I’m too tire but I can’t sleep, I’m too sad. What’s wrong with me? I want to cut again but I don’t wanna go back to [..more..]

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Thursday 5th January 2012


i feel kinda of weird. like i hate feeling like i need someone to make me happy but your the only thing that makes me happy. and i know for a fact that if you leave i will be broken and that f***ing sucks. im holding back from even talking to you right now because [..more..]

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Tuesday 3rd January 2012


Have you ever had an absolutely fantastic day, where you feel like so much has happened, only to find yourself feeling as lonely as anything at the end of it? Tonight I feel as if I have no friends, no one to care for me. No one to tell jokes to, no one to visit, [..more..]

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Thursday 22nd December 2011


I wish i was everything to someone. I’m too used to being an afterthought or an, ‘Oh i like her, but not enough to want anything serious with her.’. I feel like it’s always me that throws all of the feeling into the situation. I don’t like feeling unhappy about this.

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Sunday 18th December 2011


I have a sister in law that is spreading rumors about me how can I deal with it aslo she know that i know shes talking about me. I’m feeling very sad and i feel like i can’t talk to anyone i know because they will say something to her.

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Tuesday 13th December 2011


I am feeling as if things sometimes never want to go my way. It’s like I am forced to be sad, mad, or down all the time.

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Wednesday 30th November 2011


It makes me feel…sort of scared; guilty, when you talk about how things make you mad – anger over all scares me, and yours makes me get that twisting, guilty disappointed feeling in my stomach. It makes me want to curl up away from everything and pity you…but at the same time avoid you. When [..more..]

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Tuesday 8th November 2011


I’m afraid. I imagine things that would be considered terrifying and sometimes I think they are actually there. I don’t have any mental problems I know about and my family doesn’t have a history of it. I know it’s not there so I don’t tell anyone, but…I get a feeling. The feeling that it might [..more..]

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Tuesday 1st November 2011


Being happy and sad at the same time is a singularly curious and glorious feeling. Smiling over tears, however, is the worst in the world.

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Thursday 13th October 2011


I just want a friend. One will do. So I can spill my thoughts out to her and not on stupid website where no one will know what I’m really thinking. What I’m really feeling.

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