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Thursday 1st September 2011


The feeling that we had. The thoughts that we knew we know them. The ideas that makes us think that we are right. The universe that make us feel lonely. The life that demand something from us. The love that sees us though. The children that makes us happy. The …

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Sunday 21st August 2011


Write your thoughts/feelings here… I miss my nana anyone know how im feeling ??

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Saturday 6th August 2011


Life is full of pain, sadness, anger but it is also filled with happy memories. All this feelings is part of LIFE and it is something we humans need to go through. Understanding and accepting is totally different. Although I understand this but when I am going through all the pain and sorrow is just [..more..]

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Sunday 24th July 2011


im focussed on not caring anymore. – put me second and think of other people, other girls first? fine, i wont care. – get mad at me for caring about if youre feeling sad or mad? fine, i wont care. – say youre going to go off, then stay online on facebook for ages? fine, [..more..]

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Tuesday 5th July 2011

well I just wrote to you on facey and told you about a site where I write how and what I am feeling……This site…. I wonder if you will ask me about it….. Doubt it :'(

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Tuesday 14th June 2011

yet again, you’re right and I’m feeling stupid. I thought it would be okay, but no i’m stupid, you said you didn’t want to trail behind me picking up my pieces again. I’ve been hurt before and knowing my luck i’ll be hurt again. I thought this guy was different but who am I kidding, [..more..]

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Monday 30th May 2011

That feeling that you have tried your best to let go of the past, but still end up dwelling with it every night before you sleep. I miss him even after what he has done to me. He is the reason on why I my heart is all caged up.

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Monday 18th April 2011

God I hate my life. All I want is you in my life and I cant have you….I could make you so happy we could be so good together….I got no Idea on what I am feeling right now…. I am so flat so depressed so down….. If I could end my life I would [..more..]

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Wednesday 2nd March 2011

I feel sad when my friends left my side for someother person so he is so mad at me for so many reasons so if anyone reads this I hope u know what I’m feeling in my life. If u are thanks for reading this. Thank You very much

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Saturday 11th December 2010

my reason for living is to try and help others… it gives that warm fuzzy feeling… all but for 5 seconds.. cuz when i try to help… i end up ruining everything…

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