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I need to believe that there are good people out there. People who care. People who love. I have lost all hope for myself ever finding these people. I need to believe that failure is for the best, but how can I do that when I am failing all of my classes in school and feeling miserable all the time? Why do we pick people who treat us poorly? Why do we do horrible things and then feel bad? Why can’t we all just be there for one another in the worst of times? I go to high school with a bunch of fake b****es who don’t give a f*** about anyone else. And the guys are jerks who only like the “hot” girls. What ever happened to the gentleman out there? Or the classy women? I feel so used, so horrible that I have to live and grow up in a society like this. I want people to care about me, be there for me. I want someone to love me for who I am, not for what I look like. Understand?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel you. Focus on how strong you are and how lovely it is when you do find a nice person

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