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Tuesday 20th March 2012


am i in love with a guy ive known for 3 years…a guy 10 years older than me with a wife? its a weird feeling i have always had and has never gone away. things you tell me make me feel like u want to be with me too yet timing is not in my [..more..]

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Monday 19th March 2012


on this very day 14 years ago my mother killed my brother. she is in jail for 30 years and i am sitting here feeling like crap bekuz of what she did…but ill never hate her i jus cant take the pain.

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Sunday 11th March 2012


I’m invisble, Im alone, I’m afraid, Im lost, Im emotianlly neglected, Im sick…. I’m sick of being left out I’m sick of feeling alone I’m sick of being alone I’m sick of having to hurt myself to feel I’m sick of being ashamed I’m sick of my family I’m sick of my life I’m sick [..more..]

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Thursday 8th March 2012


You know the feeling where you think things are just finally getting back in the swing and then you find out something and its like a sucker punch the to chest. God i hate it when this happens.

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Tuesday 6th March 2012


Lonely… I am sick and tired of how much my boyfriend just doesn’t seem to care what I say or what I do. He seems to really not care what I say anymore. When I talk out my feelings and whatever he just seems to be like oh your gonna be fine and all lovey [..more..]

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Monday 5th March 2012


Why won’t you notice me? I cried. Fine, I cried beneath my glasses so you wouldn’t see my tears, but isn’t that your job? TO tell when I’m feeling down, even through my fake smiles and silliness. Why doesn’t anyone notice. I thought that maybe he did notice, because he came over and sat down [..more..]

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Thursday 1st March 2012


He had me lifted grifted, high above the sealing. Oh yea it was that wonderful feeling. But then I ended it, oh I ended it. Til this day I still don’t no why. Jrc it clm I’m still in love

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Monday 27th February 2012


Ok, I`ll spill because I`m not named…I have been treated like s*** for years by my boy friend.Not physicality but I feel like I`m his maid.I pick up after him and the kids..I feel he is only sticking around for my body.I don`t know what to do when I`m tempted to scream at him.Sharr and [..more..]

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Wednesday 8th February 2012


I don’t know what to do. I’m 14 years old and lost my virginity, and i’m too scared to tell anyone. Not even my parents know about it. My mom can see how i’m acting differently and is always asking me if i’m okay. I’m always feeling guilty about not telling no one. I’ll have [..more..]

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Saturday 4th February 2012


I really like this girl but to nervous, feeling crappy, the usual symptoms, my realtionships don’t last long, then I feel crappy afterwards. She’s great to but I don’t think she likes me but Jesus Christ i feel jealose if she talks to other people e.g. other guys. Oh yeah what am I good at? [..more..]

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