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I do not know if it is a blessing or a curse but I always care so much more for the people around me than they care for me. I love to love but sometimes when I just need that one person to be there for me like I wouldn’t hesitate to be there for them I look around and there is no one who I can just run to and let everything out. I would go completely out of my way for somebody although I know that they probably would not do the same for me. I have my wonderful family of course but I do not want them to stop believing that I am strong and to worry about me. It also does not help that I am the biggest coward that I know there are very few people that I trust and I always just hide everything. I just hate feeling so alone but then what can I do to change that

2 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is a blessing. When you do things for other people, good things will come to you I promise. There is no need to feel alone because all these people are there for you. Sometimes you need to do things for yourself though and say no to people asking favors all the time. If you feel like you are hiding everything I recommend you keep a diary so you can write down these feelings. But the fact that you care for other people makes you very special. It is such a rare thing these days.

  2. wildwolfpuppy says:

    It is rare for people to be like you. I am one as well. Trust is hard, so try blind trust, this gives you the opportunity to look for consistency over time. This is how I find genuine people. Sometimes express yourself and do not worry what others think for keeping it in is bad for your well being. Best wishes to you.

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