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Somewhere to write was originally created out of a need of the #creator to have somewhere he could write expressions of love to his wife whilst overseas on business. Due to circumstances out of his control, he was in a foreign country not speaking his language and with no means of communication to his wife. Hence the first post.  Since then it has grown to be an outlet for all kinds of emotions including love, hate, fear, depression and much much more.

Originally designed to be completely anonymous, requests from posters to allow easy commenting has introduced named comments with the optional ability to receive email follow up – whilst all keeping the original poster anonymous if desired.

So as per the original site aim:

 Have you ever found yourself frustrated, angry or madly missing someone you love?
Do you feel hurt, happy or just need some space to vent?
Are you depressed, bored or feel your life is worthless? Then don’t hold back,
write what you feel, be it love, about friends, kids or family, work, or just about life.
This site is completely anonymous, so tell the world the way you feel, but please no spam. I feel …

If for some reason you find something that needs critical attention. Please contact #creator