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Monday 31st December 2012

My life

When i was in 3rd grade everything was fine. I went to school i had a best freind that i played with everyday and i just enjoyed life. One day my mother became sick. At first i thought of it as nothing but when a month had passed i knew something was wrong. After a [..more..]

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Thursday 27th December 2012

i love you

my mom is in the hospital and I miss her plus she helps me when I fill sad you know I just can not understand why things go as the go when she is here she sometimes treat me so mean not just me but everybody sometimes but I love her and I need her [..more..]

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Wednesday 26th December 2012

just something… ?

i always thought when i grow up i can get an apt live on my own and have a job im proud of. do stuff with friends and have a loveable girlfriend that i can brag about to everyone i know and the people i dont know. but as i grew up it never went [..more..]

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Monday 24th December 2012

just a teen

so the generations changed a lot which is depressing because there is so much expected from us now a days its just tiering it drains me call me dopy ill tell you my story chapter one, i was sexually harassed by a child i never really had the flash backs thats why i never believed [..more..]

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Sunday 23rd December 2012


My mum caught me lying to a guy just now, he wanted me to come with him to a birthday, hes a really nice one. I didint want her to see that. she never sees my private life.

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Saturday 22nd December 2012

Bits and pieces, the story of the protector

I could tell you things that would make your skin crawl, and maybe I will in telling the story of my life so far. I tend to skip things and go in a random order, I may start with something that happened ten years ago and skip to something that happened yesterday, I’m not sorry [..more..]

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Sunday 16th December 2012

Mom’s First Birthday

Can’t believe it’s that time of the year… I remember what happened to mom exactly a year ago. Her birthday present was being a day away from the hospital. I was so anxious to please her and decorated the house with Christmas ornaments while my brother went out to get her a wool hat. But [..more..]

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Thursday 13th December 2012

Why me.

Sometimes I think to myself why am I even here, you know? Through my whole entire life I’ve been bullied. I think to myself, is it because I’m ugly? Am I not popular like the stupid ignorant people? Do I have to become one of them? Yea I know that I shouldn’t be a follower, [..more..]

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Monday 26th November 2012

Anonymous love

Everything bad happens to me no matter what it would be friends , school , relationships but most of all family & i know your suppose to love your family but i just don’t i just don’t feel actually “love” for them . They never acted like my family they acted more like they were [..more..]

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Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Not worth it anymore

I used to wake up and be happy to go to school. Now I am a senior and it is so hard. People say I will miss high school, but I really won’t. They don’t know what I go through. On a day to day basis I am constantly being judged. People make fun of [..more..]

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