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so the generations changed a lot which is depressing because there is so much expected from us now a days its just tiering it drains me call me dopy ill tell you my story chapter one,
i was sexually harassed by a child i never really had the flash backs thats why i never believed it when ithough of it it was like i felt it was just a stupid dream and the only one in the family besides my mom was my sister that it had happened to which was sad because i saw how it effected her but still she remanded tough for me thats why i love her so much she always knew what was right i loved my sister even though we caught she was always there for anything. i took her with more respect than my mother i don’t know why btu i just did i always liked to piss off my parents by rebelling against whatever theory said it entertained me to see them get mad but i knew they were hurting i was mostly starting to get depressed when i got expelled7th grade barley 3 months of the begging of school which was awfully sad it took it that quick, i had to get sent to a juvienelle school and it sucked thats when i got mostly into drugs thats were it started my life that when it went down up down down down and than now look at me I’m no were lost in the dorset when everyone thinks I’m okay when really how much i now I’m fooling everyone they don’t care the only reason why I’m alive is because of my niece or else I’m sure id be dead by now that little girl i don’t know she was just my angle i love her she’s like a little me when i see her smile its like i now because of her everything is going to be alright i finally knew when she was born i had a true best friend and thats why i love her so much she is beautiful and ill always protect her no matter what she’s my hero,

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