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Wednesday 21st December 2011


i hate you i blame you for my mothers death you almot killed her one night and i was tarefid you dont get it your own kids dont care about you i dont blame them you are just a pill poping b**** that doiest get it your husbad probly relizes that he f*** up big [..more..]

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Tuesday 29th November 2011


i cant help you. im trying and i cant. i cant figure out how to make you smile again. i cant figure out how to make you happy again. we used to be so happy together then both our lives pretty much dropped down the steepest hill, a hill that we cant get back up. [..more..]

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I hate my mom so much she bullies my brother he is only 10 and s***s him, pulls his hair, whips him, and other bad stuff and today she throughout my brother’s christmas list, which he was working on for a week, and now its gone and i just dont know what to do everyone [..more..]

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if theres anything you will ever learn about me, it is that i have f***ed up all my life. i lost the one girl that meant anything to me. i havent seen my mom in over a year because she was cheating on my dad and i found it. im still determined to kill the [..more..]

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Sunday 27th November 2011


I’m having a mental block…I had my both my parents around when I was younger, but I remember only a few things of me and my Father.My parents always had a hard time getting by, and my Dad had to work quite a bit to support us. My parents had some problems, with drugs and [..more..]

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Tuesday 15th November 2011


Nana, i miss you so much.. please come back.. i know your in heaven where you wanna be but its not fair to us we miss you so much you left so many people that LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. why why why.. mom didnt deserve this she didnt deserve to loose her whole family ina [..more..]

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Sunday 6th November 2011


It was a normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened, but then I came home, and my mother had told me something…something that no one would expect at all. He was gone… I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel anything right at that moment.. All I had where my thoughts.. That Tuesday, the whole [..more..]

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Sunday 30th October 2011


Write your thoughts/feelings here…i am 31 years old and i feel very trapped and alone. i have to support my entire family. my mom brothers and sister, her baby and a few other people. in order to support them i have to stay with a man who treats me like i am dirt. when my [..more..]

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Friday 21st October 2011


I feel irratated my mom is so mad over everything, i feel like i cant do anything right, whatever i do isnt good enough, I feel depressed, and there is nothing i could do about it because my mom dosent want to deal. I feel selfish because she is on treatment i hate fightng with [..more..]

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Thursday 1st September 2011


I used to be really thin; well, not really thin, but more slender than not. My thighs were 19″ wide at the largest section, and my waist was tiny…now my thighs are about 20 and 1/2″ at the widest section; my favorite jeans are a little tight…there used to be a bit of space between [..more..]

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