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my mom is in the hospital and I miss her plus she helps me when I fill sad you know I just can not understand why things go as the go when she is here she sometimes treat me so mean not just me but everybody sometimes but I love her and I need her she is mom she sometimes comfort me but most of the time she is being mean to us and we all are trying to live and keep each other alive but it could be so much easier if she would not be so mean I understand she has been through a lot but I have always been here for her helping,comforting, supporting doing every thing I can for her with noting but love in my heart yeah I would like to see how it fills to have love returned back to me but hay I believe that GOD loves us all I just would like for us all to get along with each other it is like the family is all about themselves their own families yeah we have good times but bad times to and I have been through a lot of bad and I just want for everybody to have good times like Brittney and jerard every since they have been here I have tried to shield them from mean people and bad things so they don’t fill the unhappiness I felt as a child I felt some love to when girls was not trying to fight me all the time but I just wanted them to have true friendships and maybe some people they can count on that will love them for who they are not for what they can do for them trustworthly people I thought I had that a few times wrong but I pray that no one ever has to go through any of the things I have gone through I pray that when they you all find love true love that you will accept it and open your hearts for love this is a very scary world without GOD down here yes praying helps me sometimes but the fear is not gone I try to escape daily of the fear and people help me in one way or another but I don’t know I need Brittney and jerard and my mom but I am fighting for Brittney and jerard to have a real chance at this world to make it and servive all the way plus I am fighting for myself to but I just try to stay away from everybody and grow Brittney and jerard and any future children right in the eyes of GOD that’s all I have been doing that’s why I don’t understand why we have it so freaking hard we all go through thins it is just that we keep going through things with very little support I believe GOD is helping the best he can but it is a lot of people that needs his help toi am sitting here alone writting three oclock in the morning I don’t have a man scared to say husband it’s not time for that yet I don’t think I don’t know I have not been married yet because I am trying to get us together first because marriage take work I think but we all have to work together I just think that if we are giving a little more time then who knows I always give my all but I don’t get that in return yet we just need for someone to loves us as much as we love them and we have each others back right now I am mom dad friend helper and the best person that I can be and scared their is no one here beside us showing us they have our backs I pray that the universe will one day smile upond us and take all the fears away we can say we don’t need any body but we do and we need GOD I believe that with all my heart and soul please we are a package with a whole lot of love trying to make it please see our team deserve a fair chance to we are not trying to take any thing away from any body we just trying to make our own and help as many as we can ……

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