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I could tell you things that would make your skin crawl, and maybe I will in telling the story of my life so far. I tend to skip things and go in a random order, I may start with something that happened ten years ago and skip to something that happened yesterday, I’m not sorry that is just the way I am.

I’ve been molested, but never raped. I’ve drank because I could, and lied when I shoudln’t have. I’m in no way perfect, nor I will claim to be the victim. My mother is a drug dealer, my father is a drug addict, both my grandfathers are dead. My uncle beats my mother when he gets especially angry. My female cousin and I fool around, and have since I can remember. I’m pretty sure I’m bisexual, and if given the option to be changed into a male I would take it. I occasionally dream about killing people, and I more than occasionally actually think and plot about ways to do it. I do the same thing for myself every once in a while. When I get annoyed at the backwards culture of my southern home, I use larger words to confuse them, before making my escape. I’m a damn good manipulator and that doesn’t even top the cake.

I’m a submissive in the bedroom, but I can’t stand arrogant people. I’m unafraid of most people. The one person in the world who can easily make me cry is my mother. My mom has cancer for the second time, and I’m one of the few who have a clue. I’m overweight, and working on it. I’m currently being requited by Duke University for my intelligence, that I can’t even tell I have. I took the ACT a couple a weeks ago and am still waiting for the results to come back. My best friend has had two miscariges, is currently dealing with a stalker, and interduced me to my boyfriend. The same boyfriend that I’m not allowed to see or talk to because he’s three years older than me. My mom told me I couldn’t and I yelled back in her face, “So fine that you’re dating a man old enough to be your father, and my grandfather, but heaven forbid I got out with somebody I love who is only a measly three years older than me.” She didn’t take well to that. She’s only ever beaten me twice, and I gave nearly as good as I got one time, the otehr I wasn’t so lucky.

My best friend told me to go to DHS but I can’t do it. She also suggested that I move in with my dad, that one I will be taking up on. She lives in nice house, and her family has money, but she still has to work, because she refuses for them to just give it to her. My boyfriend sent me a lewd pic and then said oops wrong number, however he was drunk out of his f***ing mind so I don’t care to much. My best friend is getting married right after she gets of the hell we call a highschool. I think I’ve said enough, night everyone.

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