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Monday 26th March 2012


hello today i want to tell the world my biggest secret in life, i am 19years old and am so a shame of my self i have this disorder called retrograde ejaculation, that’s when sperm goes back into your bladder instead of going out your uterus. my testicles are extremely small. and the worst thing [..more..]

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Wednesday 21st March 2012


I hate that we fight i hate that we argue I hate that we cant talk I hate that you hate me Im sorry i cant be like you Im sorry we cant get along Im sorry we argue alot Im sorry you hate me Im sorry mom I love your smile I love you [..more..]

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Tuesday 13th March 2012


My wife and I just argued, it’s midnight, she left for her mom’s, this could well be the end, it hasn’t hit me yet and I don’t want to contemplate it because I am probably going to feel sad. Seriously kids, don’t get married, it’s a great way to go and ruin your relationships…

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Wednesday 22nd February 2012


Every time when i do something wrong to my mom by ecsident sometimes io want to say a bad wrod to her and thats very bad the DEVIL is doing some thing to me and i hate it.I dont want to say it i just got bad mind.i wish i was a dancer but my [..more..]

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Thursday 9th February 2012


idk y but sometimes i just feel like i ask for too much o9f my mom. she works to jobs and has three kids. she tries her best. its hard being twelve sometimes i just feel like im forgotten i kno my mom loves me and i really love her to. itys just that evrytime [..more..]

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Monday 6th February 2012


I feel so bad for my mom. She wound up having two f***ed up kids. One girl grew up having sex with everything that has a d***. Ended up having 2 kids, God knows who the fathers are. Yes, fathers; meaning more than one. She got a degree in the medical field and had a [..more..]

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Sunday 5th February 2012


Everyone is leaving me. My sister is in collage, my best friend is moving away and to top it all off my boyfriend dumped me. I have no one. My mom think sim a failure, i bet she would love to rade me in for someone who is smart and perfect. im not perfect at [..more..]

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Sunday 29th January 2012


My mom went through my room. No, she didn’t do it to make sure I wasen’t doing drugs or anything like that, she just goes through my drawers and throws out anything that she thinks is trash. I lost thirteen perfect drawings, two pages of math notes, my favorite rock that was smooth to the [..more..]

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Wednesday 11th January 2012


I hate it when my mom grips at me and she tells me that she is going to let me handle it myself but really all she does is grip at me more and more about it. All i want is for a FAMILY THAT ACTUALLY CARED!!!!! I could care less what she thought and [..more..]

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Saturday 24th December 2011


Write your thoughts/feelings here…i have the wait of the world on my shoulders. on one hand i have my family that i have to support. my mom two brothers a sister and her baby. my sister had a baby while she was in jail and although she is not in jail anymore she is still [..more..]

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