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Posted by on 2013/01/05 under Friends

confidence have been hunting me all my life….it started from be being bulled as a child….this affected my personality all the way througth growing up…am 20 years old…I have learned never to expect anything from anyone..dont ask anyone for body will care for you…be self independent
Another thing I have been struggling being unreachable..I have many friends..but I have never heard the word ” i like you ” “or Ilove you “..OR i Think you are beautiful..never have I ever felt love..or cared about,,,it hurts…when all my friends are getting called..all my sisters are getting flowers,,and i GOT nothing…this relly lowers my self astem…makes me feel ugly..makes me dont like my self very I ugly ?…why no body cares for me…like any ordinary girl..I mean i am not ugly nor fat …but I still wonder why ? 🙁

One thought on “why..?…am I ugly ?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the feeling of “ugliness” just rests into our minds. Truthfully, no one really cares. Because if you have a shining personality and a wonderful confidence and you are classy enough to be seen with Audrey Hepburn, people will look aside those “flaws” that you think you have. The important thing is to love yourself. And even though that is hard, it will help you get into the world with a new outlook. There are people who will love you if you let them, but you have to value yourself before anyone else can. .xx

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