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Sunday 19th May 2019

Self love is the first step. From dependent to independent 1

I want to start this diary by highlighting the good thing that you have within you. Anonymous me, i know that you believe you are a worthless piece of s***. You don’t see the value within you. I understand you. In your life since you first step on this world, the higher being knew you [..more..]

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damn i want sex so bad

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Saturday 18th May 2019

jade ask tori a question

jade hey tori tori hey what is it jade jade can you bring your brother james button to school today tori sure what time jade at lunch tori 12:00 jade yes tori ok I bring him to school jade thank you meanwhile at lunch james button go inside the lunchroom jade there he go beck [..more..]

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jade text beck

jade hey beck beck hey jade jade I need you to do something beck what is it jade I need you to beat this dude ass named james button beck who is he jade he tori big brother and his threaten to beat me and put me in a hospital and and call me a [..more..]

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tori bring her big brother up to school to see jade

jade was walking in the school hallway and see tori jade push tori down on the floor and laugh jade ha ha bye loser tori that it I bringing my big brother james button tomorrow to teach jade a lesson the next morning jade was at her locker getting her book after jade get her [..more..]

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Am I A Bad Person Now?

I was raised to go to church on Sunday, every Sunday we had to go now that I’m older I don’t have to but I do still believe in god in my own special way. I never had a problem with other kids until all the LGBTQ Rights were going on I was fine with [..more..]

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Friday 17th May 2019



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I went to smokey old dancin on the ceiling wall paper peeling window rattling guirat oreiented rock

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Thursday 16th May 2019

Fear anxiety emotions

So my story is a bit long story. I have lots of issues though I wanted to improve my self every day, I try to think positive motivate myself n do lots of things but again I feel the same that is I feel broken worthless can't do anything like people know me as a [..more..]

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Wednesday 15th May 2019


because you are idiots ignorant dont know all U.S presidents since WW2 to now are slaves stray dogs and puppet for the mother f***er damn zionists jews demons scum criminals liars homeless pigs gang

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