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Wednesday 8th May 2024

All they do is threaten people

ABUSING PEOPLE IS A CRIME! You have stalked, harassed, defamation of my name, lied, crossed boundaries, infringed on my rights and privacy. YOU ARE THE WORST PERSON EVER! People need to know who you really are. For someone that says they’ve been abused you sure do know what you’re doing to abuse others. YOU ALSO [..more..]

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The devil is alive

You are abusing woman and children. Watch out for people with history of committing crimes against others. They don’t change. Everything is always someone else’s fault. If you believe them you are just as guilty as them. This controlling narrative doesn’t think much of you they just want to use you as a pawn. They [..more..]

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Tuesday 7th May 2024


Cassandra's voice echoed through the desolate streets, but the townsfolk turned deaf ears to her warnings. She knew the storm was coming, yet they mocked her, ridiculed her, silenced her with their ignorance. When disaster struck, they needed a scapegoat, and Cassandra was the sacrificial lamb. They branded her a liar, a madwoman, and sentenced [..more..]

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Monday 6th May 2024

Dear abusers

Dear woman and children abusers, You are not welcome in my life. Please stay away! You have harassed, stalked and made up lies about me. You can’t focus on what’s important in life and that’s pitiful. I only have sympathy for you and your mental illness. I am no longer who you need to focus [..more..]

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He’s been cheating on you

But it’s NOT with me and you aren’t very cleaver if you think it is. You stay tangled up in me like some sick obsession but your focus needs to be elsewhere.

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Friday 26th April 2024

You are

You are a woman and child abuser. You should be ashamed of yourself. You will get what’s coming to you one day. If you are a Woman of abuse and you are involved you are the problem with society. You think it’s okay to hurt, abuse and harass women and children. Shame on all the [..more..]

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Tuesday 16th April 2024


Call me parasocial, but I almost started crying at work today when thinking about Carrie Fisher and her death. I miss her

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Where are assasins when you need ’em

For the Love of God, someone please Kill Letitia James. I 'm tired of seeing that Ugly b****'s face of psychopathy as she pursues bogus political cases while ignoring the crime in her state. Hire an assassin if needed

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Monday 8th April 2024

Life falling to s***

I feel sick to my stomach. I've moved half way across the world to a woman who doesn't actually love me. I gave up financial security for financial insecurity and now I'm stuck. I'm miserable and I'm lonely.

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Tuesday 2nd April 2024

I’m sure it’s them

I have been stalked by my ex boyfriend and his girlfriend for over 10 years. It started with them driving past my home, calls and being harassed by their friends. Now it’s everywhere I go. I tried moving and they followed. I even moved to a different state and they followed. They are places that [..more..]

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