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Monday 10th June 2019

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Well ok then

The school secretary who is in her early sixties gave me a box of chocolates on the last days and told me she thinks it's sweet that I try to flirt with her. I never did flirt with her, I was just trying to be nice, but ok. Still, I'm happy she gave me the [..more..]

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i told my mother i made a new twitter account and i have 2000 friends, she resplied, **you are 43 years old can you please get the f*** out of my house!

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Sunday 9th June 2019

friend issues

so i am in a predicament here. basically i am on a college tennis team and one of my teammates i don’t really get along with. it seems as though she is in her own world and will say uncalled, hurtful things to everyone and she doesn’t seem to care. she will have her moments [..more..]

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So the toad started piling her plate with food (unaware that as soon as the food hit the plate, it became spiked). Umbridge scanned the Gryffindor table in an attempt to find Harry, but she never found him. Then she proceeded to eat her food without a care. It was a few minutes later when [..more..]

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Saturday 8th June 2019

A man of mystery.

Let the wind and rain ravage me as i lay in a muddy ditch in the middle of nowhere. Let them demolish me eradicate me to my rotten core. Bundle me into a landfill for i am a toxic piece of trash. Im a buffoon, a total catastrophe of a man. Im a crazy joke. [..more..]

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so what of today ? what kinda day did i have, i went shopping, got steak,sausages, carrots, caw lee flower, banana, peachs or is it peaches? ? i never learned to spell the word. Distracted by a movie with Helen Mirren. Anyway where was i oh yes, there was a busker in town singing a [..more..]

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Thursday 6th June 2019

‘A Land Imagined’

A jaded cop in Singapore investigates the disappearance of a Chinese construction worker in Yeo Siew Hua’s predictable noir “A Land Imagined.” Set in the city’s underbelly and shot almost entirely at night, the film privileges style over coherence, indulging in pointless time shifts and giving short shrift to too many characters. Any discussion of [..more..]

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My English teacher was apparently a sadist. It explains a lot about her

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Wednesday 5th June 2019


Many years ago i had a wonderful drunken night out with some friends, I managed to drink so many beers and ate some dodgy sandwiched from some Indian or Pakistani shop on the corner of the city street at around 5am. I ended up farting and dying for a poop and i had nowhere to [..more..]

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