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Monday 21st February 2022


Day 21, February 2022 Monday We went through things. We decided to ends things as a break. I think I'm only person that's still using this website but whatever. I am so in love with him and just us parting isn't easy man. It really isn't. His heart holds such a special place in my [..more..]

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Wednesday 16th February 2022

The humans I hate and diwlike being with , the most ?! Yes you got that right, My PARENTS! and also my brother and my grandmother… *sighs* I SO wish that my parents should have sent me to hostel when I was like 10 or something……. I do NOT want to live with them anymore [..more..]

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Tuesday 15th February 2022


I guess I have got daddy issues..coz every male I have been really attracted to since the lockdown (coz before that I never really paid attention towards the topic "romantic feelings"..) are some fine a$$ daddy-s !!!! Like I would wish to be with them and also know that the relationship won't last !!! But [..more..]

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Saturday 12th February 2022

Just a snippet

My feelings of inadequacy are quite pathetic when I think about it. I know as a person I'm not inadequate but as a resource I feel incapable and insufficient. As a resource in this economy I feel like a ill fitted cog. Emotional turmoil is underestimated. Inability to make decisions and function efficiently and happily [..more..]

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Friday 11th February 2022

I want to forget everything

I want to forget everything what is happening to me. I don't want to use mobile phone anymore. Notifications, messages and news … everything made me hurt. People I care and people I don't care I want to forget everyone.. or I want to disappear from them

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Thursday 10th February 2022

My parents apparently….

What an insecure s***ty piece of losers!!!!

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Tuesday 8th February 2022

Tell me something good…

I could use someone to tell me something good and positive today. Lately I am absolutely stressed out in my job. Nothing works & it is totally stressful and chaotic. I decided, that I had enough and want to change jobs. I went to a job interview today. It went okay but that company appears [..more..]

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Sunday 6th February 2022


Today's date is Feburary 06, 2022 Sunday. Today feels different not in a god way. id on't know whats wrong with me. I dont feel like myself anymore. I dont know why. I feel nothing. There's this one boy who's name is Ryan, Ryan Adam. He's my love. My person, my home. I blame myself [..more..]

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Saturday 5th February 2022

Idk anymore

I just want to cry. Simply put

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Sunday 30th January 2022

Chutiya madrchod


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