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Friday 7th August 2020

Are you here E.S?

If you are her E.S., let me know…

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Thursday 6th August 2020

Here is humanity

I find it fun. We Have all these dystopian idea and we seem to divide the truth with fact that is really truth to only one… We talk alot and Love less…Idea of fact Vs fiction …. Step away from the fear join the Love train . I would have thought we evolved to the [..more..]

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Porque yo?

Y porque yo? si cuando veía llorar a alguien me ponía a llorar con ellos, estoy tan frágil… Me encanta estar con ella, pasar el rato, pero la cosas ya han cambiado….llego a un punto que ella dijo que yo solo la quiera pero solo para coger…creo que ya se dio cuenta que no. Yo [..more..]

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Tuesday 4th August 2020

the cycle never ends

I can't believe my only place to safely vent is on this website, that's how bad it's gotten. How dare you. I wish i could tell you in person how incredibly disappointed I am in your actions. I wish you could see how scared i am of you and your stupid boyfriend. I hated him [..more..]

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Monday 3rd August 2020

wake up sheep

“It's just a mask" will turn into "It’s just a vaccine," very quickly. In less than 5 months, our government has successfully divided the country into "obedient mask wearers”, and "selfish people who refuse to wear masks.” In less than 5 months, our government has dictated which events are acceptable and we are allowed to [..more..]

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Sunday 2nd August 2020


So, I know this sounds stupid but even though I'm not depressed anymore I still want to cut. I used to be extremely depressed, suicidal, sleep deprived, anxious 24/7, and I was starving myself. But now I am better, I have friends and happy days. Sure, I am sad daily but not depressed. When I [..more..]

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The Past: Round 2

I got pregnant my senior year. Yes, i still graduated. But, the dad dipped b4 my 1st trimester. As I think back, I dont recall really ever feeling 'any such way' about it. I'm sure I hurt but don't recall any serious depression issues ect. I just kept going, forging ahead i guess. My only [..more..]

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Saturday 1st August 2020

land of the free and brave

as per the book that made us all as what we are, the rule of the game has been reached its know the truth and to be reach the gate to the world beyond the one must know something that not that hard to grasp and understand is called law of the nature section [..more..]

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Friday 31st July 2020

Gordon S

Hello, I know you are gone but I miss you. You always asked questions and cared how I was. You were the only person that knew me for me. You would say always I'm as close to any offspring that you had would be. You look at me as your daughter and for sometime I [..more..]

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