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Posted by on 2023/01/02 under Life

Why you are chasing me? you think i am made of money? I am a man of enfeeblement, wasting away, languishing in this sordid bedsit.

I have no job, i have an inferiority complex you see. I`m nervous around people, I`m on meds for depression, which makes it difficult to make connections. I would love to thrive in this modern tech-savvy era of entrepreneurs but unfortunately god had other plans for me.

I dream of getting out of this rut, so i could pay my debts to you and be a functioning member of society.

My problems started years ago when i had an unholy experience with a christian man. I was terribly misguided and he convinced me to join a cult, where i was praying to a ghost with bulging bulbous eyeballs.

I apply for jobs weekly but unsuccessful. I am full of strain, a few years ago i was full of vigor before the cult took me and melancholia kicked in.

Id even work in Mcdonalds to pay you if vacancies are available, i could give you a free McFlurry.

Isolation made me develop dissociation which makes me believe i have a chiseled jaw, muscular build, and make love to beautiful ladies. In reality, its just me, a 300lb whale, fapping away, like a monkey

I attended group therapy for eighteen months, there i met a pleasantly plump lady with pecular habits one was to regularly cough up yellow phlegm. On the last day of group therapy, we all celebrated by going to harvester where after she demanded i take her home, strip her naked and rub butter all over her.
I rejected her.

I miss my psychiatrist, though he had a mars bar addiction, he was a kind grey haired gentleman and behind his bifocals were eyes full of love.

The christian cult put negative words in my brain like, fat, i started to believe them and now i cannot bend down to touch my toes as i am morbidly obese.

Madonna in her book sex, said fat men are lazy and Sylvia Plath in the bell jar says the only woman who likes a fat man, is his mother.

Sincerely Royston Farrell.

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