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Friday 8th May 2020

Fear of the void

Every single day since I was 5 years old I can't help think, at least once a day, about the moment when I will stop existing. It is not that I want to, do not take me wrong, I love being alive, but the void, the not being ever again in the eterity, for ever, [..more..]

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Thursday 7th May 2020

Cannot be lazy one

I see that the maid just now wanted to be lazy. Wa lau morning never cook, lunch also never cook, dinner also no soup. Then she tried to be even more lazy and cook 1 pot yam rice in rice cooker but she’s damn lazy never chop the chicken and yam small and ended up [..more..]

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$$ SOLVE ALL FINANCIAL PROBLEMS & START UP YOUR DREAM BUSINESS $$$ Hello Everybody… I'm Albert Gonzalez aka cumbajohny a Professional U.S Darknet Carder Investor trader and Hacker who started hacking at an early age of 14 and managed to hack into NASA. I grew up in Miami Florida where i had my first computer [..more..]

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I'm sinking in deeper as days pass. I don't want to get that low again. I shook the heaviness once by changing unnatural hormones but I wouldn't know what to change this time. It seems people know when I'm low because this is when they poke. I did something stupid and explosive. I feel bad. [..more..]

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There I go again lol But not again:/

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Ugly red hair and the bald

Seen y'all in your beater cars. No AC is that why your windows are down? Maybe you have no gas money? You should focus your energy on making money and not petty s***. You might know what my car looks like and know where I live but believe me honey I have people that can [..more..]

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You won’t say that to my face

Drive by yelling but you won't say that s*** to my face

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Fu.cking cu.nt

Fu.cking cun.t go fuc.k yourself, I hope you rot in hell because that is all you deserve

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Wednesday 6th May 2020

We are all so beneath you Tom

Your pedestal is so high. Did you place yourself on it? Or did your parents set you up like that? Look at us dummies just trying to get along in life. Maybe sort something out and then theirs you. All knowing, all too wise, way above any of us mere mortals. Why do you waste [..more..]

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Tuesday 5th May 2020


Since my dad was a third generation Lutheran minister I have a natural inclination for Biblical thinking. For example my latest crusade is "killing satan". God has condemned satan to death but he's still alive. We can't actually kill him because he was an angel, God's favorite, so he is stronger than us. But I [..more..]

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