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Tuesday 5th May 2020

Nowhere Woman

I love to write but I am dyslexic and autistic so I feel like I am sort of in a place where I can't evolve fast enough. Although I do make progress. For example I didn't even know I was dyslexic until 1996. Nor did I know I was autistic until 2013. I've tried to [..more..]

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Make yourself free, will you?

We think we are right at every moments when we argue with others. I came to realize these emotions, however " Do they realize the same as me or ego is coming your way?" Nobody is perfect and everyone make mistakes, but realizing our mistakes and apologizing will not make us small. Therefore, spread smile [..more..]

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Monday 4th May 2020

I hate all cooperations

First I am drunk but that does not excuse my rant becuse I have even a logical mind when I am not sober. but saying that I am sure my eyes overlook many typeos and I hope you will as well. Cooperation, Retail, and Industry, seem to think they control society and set the standard, [..more..]

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I'm gonna pass my class !!!!!

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We’re boyfriend and girlfriend. We’ve been dating for a while. You helped me through the death of my dad and my mom re marrying. My mom and stepdad had a baby but they fight all the time. One night your phone buzzes. FaceTime from: Babygirl (romantic and detailed!)

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Okie doke

We’re best friends, and have been practically since birth. We always told each other everything. When my dad died, you decided you would always protect me. My mom remarried but her and my stepdad always fought. I FaceTime you one night with red and puffy eyes. (Romantic and detailed!)

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I feel like crying every day. I cry every day. Does anybody know that? No.

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Mệt mỏi

Mình ko hiểu vì sao trên đời lại có đứa đáng ghét như thế. 🙁 hồi xưa mình cũng có chiến tranh với 1 đứa cùng nhà nhưng mà hồi ý tại mình trẻ con ý. Chuyện cũng ko có gì. Sau đấy cả mình cả thằng đó đều cố gắng hàn gắn nhưng ko [..more..]

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Treated differently

Today is my mother-in-law’s birthday. We ordered food in to eat. Their maid went to take plates, spoons and chopsticks for everyone, but never took anything for me. I felt so angry at that moment. It’s such a small thing why did she have to be petty?? I even helped her to wash a lot [..more..]

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Sunday 3rd May 2020

a bottle of sadness a day

why is it hard to trust someone? getting paranoid over nothing, getting anxious over small little things at you feel like you're not normal. like somethings wrong with you. thinking about stupid thing you can do to yourself, so many what ifs. that it drives you crazy to the point of having panic attacks. should [..more..]

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