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Monday 10th February 2020

First Sunday of the year (Probable Last Words)

January 5 2020 So I failed PHYS 2020 again. Got a D in POLS 1200. To be fair, I didn't intend to take that course. I enrolled MATH 2271 for Fall and a 2nd year GEOG course (The Hydrosphere) because I doubted I'll be able to keep up with the fast pace of the PHYS [..more..]

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About Nwafor’s (Probable Last words)

I stayed at the Nwafor's from after my Fall/Winter (2018-2019) session to May. During the family events, I could hardly relate socially. I tried my best. Greeted every visitor I met. Answered the usual (useless) social questions ("How are you?", "How's school?", etc). I helped with things I like doing. i.e Setting up the audio [..more..]

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General. Start of my possible last word

I could have ended by just writing "There's nothing to say". But, I chose to write too many things instead and they might be irrelevant and useless at the end of the day. I'm always having memories about highschool. People laughed at me. Commenting on how I walk (apparently I walked faster than most people). [..more..]

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January 15, 1953 Hotel Colon, Panama Dear Allen, I stopped off here to have my piles out. Wouldn’t do to go back among the Indians with piles I figured. Bill Gains was in town and he has burned down the Republic of Panama from Las Palmas to David on paregoric. Before Gains, Panama was a [..more..]

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Sunday 9th February 2020

I’m not good with words

I wonder if you could see the times that I thought I was showing you that I cared. A time that sticks in my mind is when one of the puppies from that litter died. We knew it wasn't doing well, but we both had faith that it was going to pull through. When we [..more..]

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To me I always see people as people, nothing more or nothing less. Everyone has something attractive, has some kind of great personality trait(s) or something that makes them uniquely beautiful or great. Some have many but always there is something. In their personality In their looks It doesn't matter if they are cruel or [..more..]

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I want to be your sluty secret

I want to dress up for you Wear lingerie that you like I want you around To listen to you talk It could be about anything I like that you're dorky and smart I want intimacy I want you to pull my hair Choke me while you watch me moan Hold me, don't tell me [..more..]

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Just jump

Tonight I wanted to do something spontaneous and drive to the beach to lie in the sand and look up at the moon feel the cold air and listen to the waves crash on the shore

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Saturday 8th February 2020

It’s not a laughing matter but

When I hear stories about woman who just went through one incident and that this was physical abuse towards them mainly by a guy I can't help but think that's it. If I only had been beaten once or twice in my life and lived through it I would probably not be so lost and [..more..]

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It happened again

About to drift off then… I have to remind myself that he no longer wants me. I will never have him again. I have reached out way too much and he just doesn't… He never has or will. Why can I see what I have when I have it? I feel that I'm blind to [..more..]

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