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Posted by on 2024/03/20 under Life

Okay so I know that Chugga has been struck with some allegations recently. Now here's what I want to say about it. First when it comes to the foot pics thing. I don't think that Chugga really understood that he was crossing boundaries. The people who he was talking to didn't really make that part clear. Now I understand that they seem to have dropped clues to say "hey this isn't okay." however I don't think he really was able to pick up on that. He seams like the type who can be socially awkward and have a hard time to read between the lines. Now was what he did wrong. Yes but I don't think he even knew that he was doing it in the first place so I don't think this really says anything bad about him as a person. Now with the allegations he had about talking with a minor inappropriately. Okay first let me say that I very much condemn pedophilia. However I don't think that this was done as an act of sexuality. Yes I know that what he was talking about was inappropriate stuff, however I think that this was done as more of a joking talk between two people. 2 people joking around. Now Lawly already understood this sort of thing so I wouldn't say her innocence was ruined. No inappropriate pictures where shared or anything like that. Again any sexual act of roleplay with a minor that is done sexually is wrong, but this seams like it was just two people joking around and I believe that is all Chuggaconroy thought of it as. Once again when it comes to the previous controversy about the foot thing I think that what he did was wrong but he didn't know he was doing it. I'm not even sure if he actually has a foot fetish or if he just thinks shoes are cool and accidently made it sound like he does through poor wording and misleading jokes. So In the end I don't think he is a bad person. I think that he had no bad intentions and not only did he not realize that what he was doing was wrong but didn't even realize that he was doing it to begin with. I am not perfect ether and have made mistakes in the past. I hope that people can accept this and I hope that Chugga learns from this.

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