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Posted by on 2024/04/28 under Love

Phone calls on 5 minute drives.
Sweet nothing's in the morning and at night.
Little details that slip through the conversations.
Small things. Small tiny insignificant things.

Knowing what you eat.
How you like your burger.
What foods you love
And which ones you can't eat even though you want to.
Irrelevant information to most

Your favorite color.
Tv show
What kind of cake you like.
And more and more.
Knowledge that flits through others minds like water off a duck.

But not them
They remember
Every tiny bit.

Because they want to.
Because to them, for you,
There's nothing such as spared effort..

One thought on “Spared effort

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds a tad creeper if you aren’t with that person.

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