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Posted by on 2024/05/06 under Life

Dear woman and children abusers,
You are not welcome in my life. Please stay away! You have harassed, stalked and made up lies about me. You can’t focus on what’s important in life and that’s pitiful. I only have sympathy for you and your mental illness. I am no longer who you need to focus on and wish you all the best. Get the help you need. If others feed into your issues they are equally abusive. To all the abusers get your priorities right. You look stupid.

2 thoughts on “Dear abusers

  1. Mugabe Henry says:

    Hello Mrs Chrissy am Henry from Uganda and I stay with my nine siblings but we are really having a hard time we have no food to eat we even spend days without eating
    I tried to reach out to in comments in a certain Instagram post calling for your support and you replied me to send you a link so you can donate please help me if you can I replied you on Instagram and you will find the messages I sent to you @life of kasanda

  2. Anonymous says:

    Go away!

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