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Posted by on 2024/03/07 under Life

It's just another ordinary evening at the university cafeteria. I had just finished my dinner and was walking out when I saw her– Ms. Kim, the cafeteria worker extraordinaire.

Ms. Kim is a middle-aged blonde bombshell with a personality as stern as it is funny and loving. She's the kind of woman who could scold you for cutting in line one moment and then make you laugh till you snort milk out of your nose the next.

Anyway, I had spotted Ms. Kim taking a well-deserved break and enjoying a cigarette. As I stroll by, she calls out to me, her voice a mix of mischief and mirth.

"Hey, baby," she says, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "Wanna hear something funny?"

I nod eagerly, expecting some joke. But what Ms. Kim does next catches me completely off guard.

With a mischievous grin, she lifts one leg high in the air and lets rip the mother of all farts. This was a wet, squelchy, downright nasty fart that made it seem like Ms. Kim had s*** her black pants.

Both Ms. Kim and I burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter. Tears stream down our cheeks as we double over, gasping for breath between laughter.

Once we've finally regained our composure, I manage to choke out a choked, "That was… great."

Ms. Kim just grins, her eyes sparkling with mischief as she takes another drag of her cigarette.

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