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Posted by on 2024/04/02 under Life

I have been stalked by my ex boyfriend and his girlfriend for over 10 years. It started with them driving past my home, calls and being harassed by their friends. Now it’s everywhere I go. I tried moving and they followed. I even moved to a different state and they followed. They are places that I visit and they have people follow me and track my phone. It’s been going on for years! I’m not sure how people believe all their lies. They are both criminals. They manipulate people so easily. I assume they are sheep and it’s easy to go with the crowd. I have gone to the police many times and nothing gets done. They have people that do things for them. I’m sure she used her sisters and brother to do a lot of the manipulation. If people had a single brain cell they would get a clue. Why would someone move away, go to the police, change their number and multiple addresses just to get away. These clowns tell their friends that I’m stalking them. They have local police friends involved in their harassment. They have watched my online activity, they have watched me through my computer, tracked me, spread lies about who I am as a person, hurt my identity and worse disturbed my family. Created years of trauma through their abuse. I’m sure the people involved have no idea how long my ex and his baby mom have been involved in trying to destroy me as a person.

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