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Posted by on 2023/10/26 under Love

I know were both afraid of the future and of the things unsure. I know and feel your pains, and I know what it feels like. I know what it feels like wanting to die, seeking happiness and validation from certain people, feeling all the shame and guilt of being alive everyday the feeling of emptiness that you're saying, and the weight and heaviness of negative thoughts. I may not know the gravity of yours but trust me I know. I love yoou so much even in times like this, but i cannot impose you anything. Ill be here patiently waiting until you call for me, so call for me. Call for my help and support and seek my love, because I will not hesitate to give you my all if you tell me you would too. F*** this world and their opinion and f*** all their standards about love, I will gladly give you my all, only if you say so. Because I still have the future of my children in my mind, if God will allow me to have one. I needed their Father to be on my side both in principle and values. I know I will love you for years and years to come and I really hope that we can make it and make things work for the both of us. In this lifetime, if ever it will not work for us I know my darling I will still hold unto you for many long years.

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