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Wednesday 4th March 2020

most unfavorable

It's most unfavorable you've muddied my mind, Tormented my thought, Clarity's nowhere to find. I look here, I look there, to find you, to see you. Nothing. From a vague visage it is you Alas! The mind plays tricks, snickers and kicks mocking the fool. Despite my restraint there is nothing i can do. I [..more..]

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Tuesday 3rd March 2020

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loneliness why

everywhere we used, still remains alone only. how we want to be with this, still remains alone only. a lot of is there in everyone's, still wants to show their smiles only, like the flower shows the blooming thing to us desperately before its death. whether its a loneliness or pain of ourselves, they still [..more..]

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Tippy Top

Jagged, uneasy, long fall down. Just try to stay the air is plentiful. Grab your balance as the rocks slide from under your now heavy legs. You can hear and see the small rocks tumble, but there you are trying to maintain the heights in which you seek. Make sure your footings right and don't [..more..]

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Life has become so repetitive and predictable. I need something more. But what? I want excitement, thrills, and passion. I need it. I'm drowning in boredom. What should I do? I try to enjoy the small moments. Making myself good for some time, but then the overwhelming feeling of dullness creeps up. Is this what [..more..]

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Monday 2nd March 2020

i dont know

i dont want to tell anyone im sad because they will tell me it will be okay but i dont want to get told that everything is going to be okay. i want to be happy but i want to cry and be sad too it feels good to cry and be sad. i wanna [..more..]

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tears of heart here

after completion of 24 years in my life, still remained yearning of love,respect and for a family. everyone holds their life happily, but for me it remains unanswered of prays, if i hold it too much, it's going to be lost. if i held it smoothly, its going to be love me back. for all [..more..]

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Sunday 1st March 2020


you're the only person i think i'll love in my short existence i don't want to meet anyone else the simple fact that i could experience such intense love obliterated any possible future experience i could have i can't meet anyone else you're something else i'm not

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Saturday 29th February 2020

Around me

People my age are stupid. They think they know everything, they think they have been thru anything, when in reality, they have trouble with simple math problems.They try to act like adults but they act like stupid hormonal teenagers. But i guess that is what they will become. I will never understand kids my age.Because [..more..]

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the future

I worry about the future a lot i do not know what will happen and its stressful. like, will i go to college, will i be important, will i disappoint the people i love? I do not know but i guess no one does.

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