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Sunday 15th September 2019

day after day

What happened to us. We used to be so happy but now idk. Where did all of the good times go. the ones where you would tell me how much I mean to you or when you would tell me how beautiful I am. all you say is ily. it doesn't f***ing feel like it [..more..]

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Saturday 14th September 2019

My mum is ill.

Mum is still ill its been two entire years of COPD and heart problems, she has fast AF and now heart failure. I feel exhausted its a constant worry, i am forever waiting for something to give out either her heart or her breathing. Its just so depressing and the thing that hurts the most [..more..]

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Friday 13th September 2019

15 years gone, and I am the one who suffers

To my Wife… Why did you hit me? Why did you scream at me? You've left me with an empty soul, an empty bed, and a broken heart. Never laid a hand on you, always reminded you how much I love you every day. Why didn't you leave when you stopped loving me? Did you [..more..]

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I like a guy named Ethen

I'm falling and I can't stop. He takes over my heart when I look into those deep blue ocean eyes. Of course he would never like me because I'm some tall black goofball. He will never like me and that's just something I have to come to terms with. I wish he did like me [..more..]

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Dear Diary.

Yesterday, my model X, quit in the middle of the painting. Three months of work, gone. Ugh. I`m actually glad that he left. But i also feel a nagging "now what?" creeping up. I asked X to pose because of his red hair. (I had the idea i would make paintings that spanned the whole [..more..]

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Thursday 12th September 2019

A Loser! Is what I am!

I’m such a weak person. Nobody really understands me. When there’s an argument in my house I tend to cry. Even if it’s not a big deal. Like I don’t know why, but I just start crying. Like I know that I shouldn’t but somehow it happens. No matter how much I try holding my [..more..]

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On the back of an English £5 note there is a picture of that stupid warmongering fat bastard Winston Churchill. He is looking at me, with that stern podgy face. Its nauseating. I turned it over and now the Queen is looking at me, in the portrait she is a young fertile queen even though [..more..]

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PEPPA PIG CHAT!! oink oink


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Wednesday 11th September 2019

An unsent letter or two

Dear N Why the f*** did you stop talking to me. We had something, something good. I know last year I wasn't nice but once I realized how amazing you are, we were friends. And then for some reason, you slammed the f***ing door in my face. I told you a long time ago I [..more..]

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I ruined my life

When I was little, I would hide who I truly am because I was wrong. Now that I'm older, no one believes me, no one helped me figure it out, I was forced to hide everything from everyone. My dad screams at me when I'm having an anxiety attack because I'm so happy all the [..more..]

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