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Tuesday 13th October 2020

rambling/venting i guess.

i want the kind of love where no matter what happens to either of you the relationship somehow works out. where you guys help eachother through emotional battles endlessly and though given ' reasons ' to leave by the other partner they still dont cause they know deep down its not true at all. i [..more..]

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i want the kind of love where both of you come from absulute s***, but help eachother sooth, or kind of ' fix ' eachothers mental illnesses or in general. i feel like ill never have it but heres to hoping my partner isnt lying to me after all these months.

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Can you relate?

I haven't been feeling like myself lately. I'm just so afraid that it's true the thing they say. You can't be happy for too long cause something is just gonna come up out of the blue and you're gonna go back to where you were, feeling a certain way that you don't like …

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too many losses. I have a hard time dealing with it.

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Monday 12th October 2020


You know when you post something on social media and someone responds with a comment that has nothing to do with the post? This aggravates the bejesus out of me. All I can think is "Hello,let's stay on subject people". Uggh, it's so frustrating! Why are they even on social media? I've asked myself the [..more..]

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Sunday 11th October 2020


*SIGHS HEAVILY* You know Life, How it always manages to surprise and amuse me, always, whether it is bad or good. It has its own uniqueness. Ok it's off the topic. I seriously don't know why I can feel what I am writing , during nights but not mornings. I am really confused right now. [..more..]

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Survived so far

You know what? I survived maany many years without a friend. In fact survived my hardest heart breaks and hardest years without a single friend. I will do it again. F*** you all fake people who will “always be there for me”. No you won’t: you will only be there for me when it’s convinient [..more..]

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Sleep now and close your eyes. This is not one of your average lullabies. The mice are out to nibble and bite. Carrying what might fright. Be sure to close your mouth when breathing. Or Something will surely be waiting. Down your throat you may swallow an eight legged friend that’s none to a fellow. [..more..]

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Halloween story competition

Sebastian sat up in bed, for weeks he had the same reoccurring dream that woke him suddenly in fearful tears. He looked for meanings of what the dream meant but all of the meanings seemed as meaningless as horoscope readings. He type into the search engine “dream doctors”. As Sebastian scrolled on one jumped out [..more..]

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Halloween Spooky Story Competition

The Demon Forest. -I heard this campsite is haunted. -Pfft like I'm going to believe that. -It's true! Little did they know they weren't the only ones there… Jack and his friend separated and both explored the campsite and the forest near the campsite. Jack went further into the forest and got very confused, he [..more..]

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