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Wednesday 11th March 2020

Don’t bother speaking

I wake up to a screaming baby pushed in my face. “HERE SHES CRYING”, and he goes back to play his game. I barely fell asleep two hours before but I don’t bother speaking. He won’t care anyway. My oldest comes up to me saying he’s hungry. I’m busy feeding the baby so I ask [..more..]

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tell me what to dooo

im about to tell my whole life story guy walking i look at him because i was in the bus he was walking, we exchanged a couple of looks, then when i got off my bus it was inevitable that i was gonna walk past him, i look at him again and ngl he smiled [..more..]

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Tuesday 10th March 2020

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The anticipation of him being with me has come and gone. Just thoughts and writings are all I have and want. I really can't see myself being truly sexual with anyone else at this point in my life. It's odd I want him, but I think that's all the excitement I need. Just to lust [..more..]

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how my crush makes me feel

so theres a kid i really like he makes me wanna sing love songs and cry of happiness of me just meeting him he makes me smile and laugh i have 1st period and 4th period with him and every time i see him i fall deeply in love i think to my self ''wow [..more..]

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Filmy podobne do nietykalni

Reagujemy w lokalnej pomocy szukania podobnych filmów, które posłużą Ci pasować kolejny film czy serię. Żeby znaleźć inny film do ustalenia, wprowadźcie nazwę filmu, który Ci się podoba, w poniższym formularzu i zarejestrujecie filmy podobne do tego.Listy filmów tworzą się automatycznie, mając dużo nowych opcji obrazów oraz przyjmując z porady oraz analiz eksperckich ("wybór ręczny"). [..more..]

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Life in Flowing Water

I honestly don't know how people just become so comfortable with the life that's presented to them. I constantly question if I am making the correct choices, commitments, decisions. When I make them it's usually on a whim. Sometimes the out come is awesome other times not so much. If there's an outcome that I [..more..]

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Monday 9th March 2020


How is it possible for you to be so nice but so uncaring all at once? How can you make me feel like I'm the most important person in the world but also like you barely know me? How is it so hard to notice when I'm stressed and ready to break? I have broken [..more..]

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I don't need him. I want him. I don't want anything from him but his time. I don't want to control him or demand him to be in my life. I miss being around him. I want his presence. I miss everything about him and it was only when he was gone I realized what [..more..]

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Sunday 8th March 2020

Fat slob

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