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Monday 12th August 2019


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Sunday 11th August 2019


Yet again my friends i have no idea what to write about. I have lit at least 4 or 5 nag champa incense sticks. The room is smoke filled. Major league wrestling is on the tv. Its dark i can hear the distant sounds of the motorway. Trees rustling there is a gale of sorts. [..more..]

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Saturday 10th August 2019


Go ahead, step right in, Fasten your seatbelt, Get ready for some spins. Or maybe a loop, That might suit, Life and it's tricky ways, So be sure to cry for many days… Or maybe a hill, That might fill, The empty felling inside many others, Who perhaps may lose their lovers, And cover up [..more..]

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For your sake

I try to hold my tongue for your sake, But can't you see how much I fake? A smile, emotions, feelings, all at stake. Can't you see how hard it is to make, Everything go away, when it shakes? The tire even fall asleep at a faster rate… All of the problems in my life, [..more..]

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Rosy cheeks like she just swallowed the sun, burning inside her with heated fury. Tendrils of flame leap from her throat, as smoke sneaks past her nose. I can see her eyes are a glint of yellow, her skin turning hue to orange. She has a warm heart just like the sun, giving warmth to [..more..]

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Heavy sleepers

Heavy sleepers curled in warmth, cold creeping close to skin. Soundless shivers cradle night, as heavy sleepers pull blankets tight.

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Friday 9th August 2019


is anyone on this site right now?

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help me

i want someone to love who will love me back!

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im feeling deppressed but happy today and i don't really know what to do at all :'P im just chilling, playing roblox and chilling :> i'll one day do something productive in life even if i already did something productive i want to make more things than just play with my labtop roblox and ipad [..more..]

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I have no idea what to write tonight, i am in a kinda daze i do not feel right. slightly paranoid about the future. Just cleaned the kitchen and bathroom i can smell the stench of bleach everywhere. Cheap horrible bleach that should have been diluted with water. Bullseye is on the TV i love [..more..]

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