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Sunday 5th May 2019


"I've been waiting for hours. What took you so long?" Sabine asked without bothering to turn on the bedside lamp. Light spilled in from the hallway through the crack in the door, silhouetting the figure of her on-again, off-again lover. Sabine's heart raced and she sat up in bed, clutching the bed-sheets to her chest. [..more..]

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Saturday 4th May 2019


I am still sad about mom. Mom cried today. She is so sad about being so lonely at home. If moving to India will cure her loneliness and boredom then I would want that to happen right away. I feel horrible seeing her that way. We are miles away in foreign country, we don't have [..more..]

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Let Him Go

I loved him. Even I thought I would spend my whole life loving him. But then, I realised, there was something always missing in the talk, in the conversation we had. There was something always missing. I should let him go.

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I'm a 43 year old married woman with two sons. I have to wear diapers to bed because I'm a bedwetter

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What would you call it ?

What you call it when he says youre the love of his life and he loves you after only talking for a week yet he doesnt know your namw

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Mate why can't you just take the hint the I like you?

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Friday 3rd May 2019

i want to kiss her

i want her in my bed i want to love and kiss her i always wanted herrrrrr i love her she has nice boobies and lovely eyes

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jounee de a liberte

la justice ordonne l`espagne exlut caracas demande aux etats la loya jirga appelle a un liberation de la de centains va des dizaines de morts dan quatre telechar royaume la les 32 gardes a vues ont je n`aurais pas du la justice confie la reprise l`inflation encore deux katoto n`est pas ret dece

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Love your father homeless Impaled on spikes Your days and nights of pagan sacrifice You’re all benefit scum and parasites Unlucky for some

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Thursday 2nd May 2019


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