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Friday 24th January 2020

I want out

I feel stuck in this horrible town. I have lived in the area for over 22 years, I'm in my early thirties. That's more than half my life here and I still don't truly know anyone here. There was a time when I almost got out, but the lack of optimism from my significant other [..more..]

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Thursday 23rd January 2020

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The pain that was

Hurt so bad. Not wanting to share. She cried in her shower. Not wanting anyone to care. The pain overwhelming. She turned to an out. Slices so smooth and it slowly dripped out. Pain now physical not within. Tricking her mind. A moment of despair. Slices turned into scars. Memories weakened. Along with the pain. [..more..]

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Why is it that you think that you are so entitled to your feelings but other people are not? Do they not have the same feelings as you? Do they not feel from their experiences? Do you consider others not Worthy of a hire process of thought? Can they not also explore their past experiences [..more..]

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Why is it that I'm still stuck. At first I thought this was "love". Then I just wanted you because I can't have you. Then I realized that I never got healthy closure. So, then I felt like it was the fact that I never got to express my feelings or give you reasoning. I [..more..]

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Wednesday 22nd January 2020

The Dog

There once was a dog named rufus He was small, weak, and not very bright He had no friends in the kennel and they called him a dofus The other dogs made fun of him, cause he was easy to fright. Till one day he met a cat who was just like him The cat [..more..]

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Suffering to please

I wish he would just cheat. That way I could be angry and leave. Maybe that would also hurt less then him not wanting to touch me or be intimate with me. There are no hug's or kisses, there's no flirting, no sign of affection, not even in bed next to him do our arms [..more..]

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It really sucks when people hurt you because they are hurting. You think every time I hurt I turn around and try to be an angry ass hole? No, I don't. I don't because I feel to much empathy, guilt, and I'm way to hard on myself. You aren't deserving of my guilt, my thoughts, [..more..]

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When you still wanted me

I should of just slept with you in the hot tub. I was thinking showing you self discipline was what you wanted. I always wanted you. I am happy that you think all the f***ed up s*** that you think of me. It just keeps you away and that's safe for me. It's what truly [..more..]

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When and if you ever think of me I hope it’s apathetically.

My feelings are let's just say slowly changing. The feeling of missing him and everything he ment to me remains. It's been so long and he's just not the same manly towards me. I think deeply wounding him might of been something to do with that though. I now think, why couldn't it of been [..more..]

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