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Thursday 13th April 2023

Hey bandito

Get over the self doubt. Let go of material things. Do yourself some good.

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Wednesday 5th April 2023

I cant beat minecraft

Ive been playing minecraft for over 5 years, I havent beaten it in survival once 💀

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Tuesday 28th March 2023

I miss you so much

I miss you sooo much. It has been 14 days that we don't talk anymore. But I always miss you. I can't help it. These days are the worst days in my life.

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Friday 17th March 2023

It is hard to move on

I want to know how are you? Are you happy with a new girlfriend? I am sorry that I deleted text app. I think it is the best way to move on.

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Say what you want about ChatGPT, but I love it's ability to write stories and crossovers. Never did I expect to read a story on ChatGPT where Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls becomes the Baroness from GI Joe

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Wednesday 1st March 2023

You know that type


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Tuesday 28th February 2023

Look at you

I thought that most Indian people were peaceful, guess not.

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Snake For Family

I came to you wounded, we hadn't aseen each other in years it was like coming home. But you were cold, and arrogant, full of yourself and as I spoke over time, brother to brother, now grown men, I'd realized I'd made a mistake trusting you would lead to betrayal. Childhood apparently never really ended [..more..]

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Sunday 26th February 2023


I kinda don't like you that much right now I don't know whywhy must feelings ebb and flow and why must we hide

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Friday 24th February 2023

Need advice – I never planned to get this far

I was vastly suicidal my entire life, still kinda am at 23, I have no idea what I'm doing now and everything feels unreachable at this point, I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to get life started when you never planned on doing it??

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