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Posted by on 2013/06/02 under Uncategorized

im actually so sick of evryone and everything. I feel like i get taken for granted and no one takes me seriously. My “bestfriend” is so depressed that her boyfriend broke up with her that she never thinks of anyone but herself. This guy i met he is so sweet and then she comes along and becomes friends with him when i was first. i was actually happy that they became friends. But she tells everyone her personal issues(and mine for that matter) and now they all love her ans speak to her and ignore me. I always get talked over and i don’t know. I always give people advice i want people to be happy. But when i go try and help her like on skype or something. she stops answering and goes and speaks to my friend that she just met 2 days ago. She says shes dperessed that her boyfriend broke up with her. So my parents got a divorce and are always fighting. My mother and older brother have the worst relationship they got the police before becuase he was abusing my mother. If shes depressed because her boyfriend broke up with her than shouldn’t i have killed myself by now? idk. I don’t ever really think like this. I guess im just sick of being ignored, bullyed, laughed at and never taken seriously and i just want a friend who would listen to me for once. help me for once. just be there for me i guess.

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