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every body is bunned up I have to keep the faith that I have inside of me I keep trying to be strong and put my foot down for my own self to fill better but I keep having to break or say give in I don’t want temptation causing trouble for me with the temptation of someone elses man husband boyfriend I am trying to care for my family and making sure everybody is safe and well making sure we all have good food two eat nice tasty drinks too drink toilet paper every day soap everything that is need to run a household well that’s were I like for my mind to be not the struggling part though but yeah I like to think about what I am cooking for today and night to fill them until the next day wanting a man to come see me I don’t think that is bad men got jokes even when you mad at them they find a way to make you smile or laugh I don’t have a boyfriend any more I don’t have any male friends any more that why I don’t like to do it to my male friends cause when we hook up and start doing it and when we stop my friend is gone not just the person I was doing it to but my friend the person that listen when nobody else would who gave me advice about how to handle my self the person who opened me up to new things that I sometime liked but now you don’t like me any more the person I was doing it to because I trusted you because you were my friend so I did it to you now my friend is gone

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