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I feel alone in a crowded room. Always. I feel like when the school bell rings to leave and all the other kids run off to their friends and their boyfriend or girlfriend or parents that love them. And I am just the loner. Watching from the sidelines. My dad always travels and does not care about me. And my mom is always off with new boyfriends all night and never even calls to check if I am ok. My older brother is gay and not accepted by parents, so he moved away a few years ago and I have not seen him since and I miss him a lot. I feel so sad. Every one at my school judges me by what they see. I have holes in my jeans. Yeah, because they are the only ones I have. I do not wear makeup because no one has ever taught me about that stuff. And when I got my period… I had to talk to my english teacher which was embarrassing to me. People are so quick to judge. Everyone calls me a slut and a whore because I am looking for a boyfriend. But I want a boy in my life for protection and so I do not feel so alone. Someone help me, save me.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, it’s okay. I understand you’re having a hard time. Do you have a best friend or a friend-ish person you can talk to? It sounds like you and your English teacher are pretty tight. Talk to her. Also, are your parents divorced or is your mom cheating?
    Also, I can always be your friend!

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