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Saturday 26th May 2012

I’ve had a boyfriend for about three years now…

I’ve had a boyfriend for about three years now, he cheated on me once, and I recently confronted him about another cheating that I found out about and he told me no. He lied to me. This is probably the hardest thing I will go through at this time. It doesn’t help that we are [..more..]

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Saturday 19th May 2012


Reading this book makes me want to leave the boyfriend i have (he’s an okay/good boyfriend) and search the world for a GREAT boyfriend…*sigh*

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i have a boyfriend…who i love very much. And he says the same thing, but how do i know he really does? hes done stuff in the past and i let it go because thats how much i like him, and i dont let what hes done change how i feel abtt him!!! what do [..more..]

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Saturday 12th May 2012


I slept with my best friends ex boyfriend, i then told her about what i had done the next day. She hated me for months, we were getting back on track until she read my phone and saw that i had texted him. however i only texted him because he is the only other person [..more..]

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Sunday 29th April 2012


I know my mum loves me, but I think she cares more about her boyfriend, like when I’m talking to her he will just but in and she’ll just start listening to him, or if she’s watching tv and I talk to her she tells me that she wants to watch tv but if her [..more..]

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Friday 6th April 2012


Well, I do have a lot of things on my mind. A lot of things have happened lately. Boyfriend is having trouble and it sucks I can’t be there for him physically. Our lives are pretty busy. He is still in high school and I work two jobs. We can’t see each other on a [..more..]

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Wednesday 28th March 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings hereā€¦I’ve been texting my boyfriend just not annoying him trying my best to keep it simple and he doesn’t tx me back so I called and his phone sends me straight to voice mail could it be that his phone is hella broken cause it was damaged its an iPhone 4 and [..more..]

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Sunday 25th March 2012


You know what, life is pretty good. It’s a great day outside nice and warm. Hearing the motorcycles and construction work being dun kids laughing birds singing making sun tea outside. Boyfriend and i got back together and things are working out great. Parents and i are getting along did yard work outside today had [..more..]

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Sunday 18th March 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here…my boyfriend is the most sweetest person but sometimes when he fails to understand me I feel so lonely without him today also he leave Me Alone at the moment i need him the most i really love him a lot and want him with me he is busy with his friends [..more..]

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Tuesday 6th March 2012


Lonely… I am sick and tired of how much my boyfriend just doesn’t seem to care what I say or what I do. He seems to really not care what I say anymore. When I talk out my feelings and whatever he just seems to be like oh your gonna be fine and all lovey [..more..]

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