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Well, I do have a lot of things on my mind. A lot of things have happened lately. Boyfriend is having trouble and it sucks I can’t be there for him physically. Our lives are pretty busy. He is still in high school and I work two jobs. We can’t see each other on a daily basis because we live about an hour apart. It sucks that you know I wish I could be able to see him everyday but I can’t. We make it work. With family my cousin just came home from the hospital and my great aunt has gotten moved to assisted living. Going back to Chicago soon and I know whats all going on it’s just time consuming. Idk right now I can’t sleep. It irritates me that I can’t. There was this guy that wanted me to come over and I gave an excuse about my allergies were kicking my ass and I was too sleepy to drive. Right now I wish I was too sleepy to write but I can’t. Work is just kicking my ass on a daily basis. Finally Get a full day off tomorrow but I don’t know what I’m gonna do. But so many things right now are on my mind which is probably why I can’t sleep. Bleh anyway If you’re reading this. Thanks I’m just ranting. But thank you for reading.

Love~ Mia

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