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Thursday 3rd January 2013


I have recently broke up with my boyfriend. It wasn’t a long relationship but he made it feel like it was going to last forever. He has problems with his family that he never told me about which I don’t understand why he wouldn’t of told me so we could have worked things out. We [..more..]

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Sunday 23rd December 2012


Sorry if this is long. I’ve been with my, now, EX boyfriend for a while. The 30th would have been a year and 8 months. He was perfect. He treated me like no one ever has before. He made me feel so special; like the only girl in the world. Yesterday, I get an interesting [..more..]

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Saturday 22nd December 2012

I Am Ready

I have been with my boyfriend for two years now and I want to lose my virginity with him. He is a virgin too, and I want this to be really romantic for the both of us. The thing is, I am nervous. He has been wanting to do it now for a few weeks, [..more..]

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Wednesday 19th December 2012


Well I am 13 years old and I fell in love with my boyfriend. Yes, I know that’s too young to fall in love but I did and I was with him for a year when he broke up with me. I tried to get over him but i just couldn’t! It has been over [..more..]

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I’m just wanting to say that my boyfriend is really special to me he makes me the most happiest girl in the whole entire world i swear i don’t know where ill be without him. i’m in love with him so much.

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Monday 17th December 2012


My best friend just had a baby and I’m already annoyed with this whole situation. I know I have to deal but its so f***in annoying like…We’re both still young and there’s so much I wanted us to be able to do and I feel like now more than ever she ruined it. I was [..more..]

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My Life Is A Mess

My boyfriend broke up on me because he thinks I cheated but I did not. My parents hate me because my grades are horrible and because I keep making mistakes. I am late to school every day. My friends are spreading rumors. There is no one there for me. At all. And this is the [..more..]

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Sunday 16th December 2012

what has happened to you?

lately you haven’t been here for me when i’ve needed you the most. i really miss you. you used to have all this time for me and text me all day saying the cutest things and call me even when you were tired. what happened? what did i do? I MISS YOU! you were the [..more..]

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Friday 14th December 2012

Should I Tell Him?

I want so badly to tell this boy how I feel. He has this amazing connection with me. Today he said that my hair looked pretty. And he laid his head on his desk right next to me and our lips were so close. Like I swear we were going to kiss. He always looks [..more..]

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Wednesday 12th December 2012

My Parents are stupid

I have a Boyfriend and I told my mam and she was all….oh do you know anything about him, NO MAM HE’S A F***ING STRANGER I PICKED OUT IN THE STREET, WHAT DOES SHE THINK? I haven’t told my Dad because he’d flip and it’s so stressful, they put too much pressure on me, I’m [..more..]

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