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Years ago, my best friend tried killing me after I caught her and her boyfriend stealing from me. I survived the attack. (On a side note, I pressed charges. My best friend rolled over on her boyfriend and he was tried, convicted and sent to prison, while she got off… Yet, not for long… As she developed a rare and aggressive illness and passed away.) From the attack, I sustained severe head trauma and extensive permanent nerve damage. I now have a debilitatingly severe and chronic pain disorder from the nerve damage. It feels like I am being stabbed all over. The pain is unrelenting. I just want the pain to stop and to never feel this pain ever again, but there is no treatment and no cure.

3 thoughts on “Physical Pain

  1. Anonymous says:

    i am so sorry

  2. Adviceyyyyy says:

    I am so sorry, I hope you feel better. Friends shouldn’t try to kill a friend for catching them do something horrible!

  3. Not important!!!! says:

    Ok your friend was messed up in the head im so sorry for your pain! I’ve been stabbed by my boyfriend and he was sent to jail for trying to murder me, so i can relate to this, there is a lot of messed up people in this big world…unfortunly your friend was one of them… again, im so sorry for your pain! D’:

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