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Posted by on 2021/10/08 under Friends

My friend group don't care about me as much as I do them. And it sucks. If I don't send anything in the gc, no one else will. I feel like they see me as someone who's fun to be friends with in class, but not outside of school. But to me, they're my best friends. For example, one of my best friends had said that we won't stay friends after highschool. She did say that it's because each of us will go our seperate ways, and while it makes sense, I though she'll be my friend for life. Even if we'll be busy, phone-calls exist. Text messages. Hell, even e-mails. There is no problem keeping in touch these days. And she just gave up on our friendship so quickly! like "well, it was nice knowing you, goodbye forever". My mindset is completely different. I value our friendship so much. It just really sucks, having put all of that effort into my friendgroup and them not caring or doing the same. There are more examples but nobody's going to read this, anyway

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There are more examples but nobody’s going to read this, anyway

    Just like the government eyes (there is always someone watching…..

    You admitted to the reality of what your friend said in regards to the friendship break after high school.

    Girls are the worst and the best (sometimes) more so than not.

    Very few of my HS-friends even acknowledge my existence 30 years later. High-school reunions are a joke even in my time as I went to one and it resulted in the same thing.. only the certain circle Clicks gathered in a corner (even my so called best friends) and no one rarely approached and “Caught up” on the missed days. Trying to mingle is a futile effort and was just as bad as the conversations ended after a brief polite conversations and a sigh of relife (wow that was awkward).. It was then I realized, I gave up my evening of a good rib-eye steak and movie (alone) for this crap? Never again!
    I need them like I need Covid or an arm chopped off!

    No matter! All friends will seem superficial now days and realize that everyone deals with this. Its a matter of having time while attending to their own wants and needs….Not because of covid, but we have entered into a increased, self entitled,selfish, unfriendly and dissociative society that is (unless you have money, status, or can help them in some way, quid-pro-quoe, sex , hookups on jobs cars apartment etc).

    Dont feel bad, just look at your surroundings and awaken the grim reality, how close are you and your neighbors. do they come to visit often? very doubtful… do most even know their neighbors names, what they do, where they work? etc…. not unless they are successful, have some political or financial connection, wear nice clothes , or work side by side (which one helped the other get the job in the first place).

    So dont take it personally and dont crawl in a hole and wither away either. don’t wait on others to acknowledge you are even alive as if you are gagging for air.

    Get out, live your life for you as no one gets a second chance at life, Friends are temporary and most times superficial in many cases, as most everyone is only thinking about themselves. so don’t run up to them as if your gagging for attention. Casually Ignore them and act like they dont exist and avoid them purposeful, (but don’t play mind games) and carry it forward like a baby..(dont just make an effort to make it obvious or go out of your way to sit beside them like a starving rat) just to be ignored as you sit silently hoping for their attention or mind picking strategies. Wait for them to come to you….When and if they come around. Dont start an argument when they ask what is up your butt, but simply say I am just reflecting that treatment of what I have received.. all while watching out for them wanting something from you, a favor or some errand, dirty work, etc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    friends are temporary

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