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Posted by on 2021/12/08 under Friends

You and your girlfriend are two of the most emotionally immature, stupid, and foolish people I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. In my entire life I have never seen anyone so unmotivated, so lazy, yet at the same time so self assured and c***y. Really, hats off to both of you for being rejects, but still finding it in you to believe in yourselves.

Maybe that's what makes you think that it's okay to waste my time and the time of the program lead to talk about your useless and groundless claims against me. You're so entitled to think that this would be the better option rather than actually growing a pair and talking to me about it? That literally just proves to me that you're immature and will amount to absolutely nothing.

Everyone who even means anything loves me, and I have nothing but positive feedback from those who actually matter. What makes you think that you can just go and accuse me of this absolute bs when I've literally been doing nothing but working and focusing on finishing my courses? I think that you're just jealous and can't stand to see me thrive and actually make my life worth something. You can't stand to see me achieve everything you want, but can't get.

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