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Posted by on 2021/12/02 under Friends

There is a lot but lets start with one girl
So, she has been my friend for 2 year now, and i really dont mind that. She's a really good friend en she is just so nice. But thats the problem. I just cant manage to be nice to everyone. I cant have a conversation with a boy or a popular girl in school without it being awkward asf. This girl always gets everything i want, without even wanting it herself. So obviously i get jealous. Lately i developed a crush, the first serious crush in my life ( not like a crush in primary school). And guess what, my crush f***ing likes her, but she doesnt heven like him. She always asks me if she should try to pair him with me. But that is just so f***ing annoying. Im trying to get myself over it. But she just cant shup the f*** up about the amount of boys who have or had a crush on her. Then, i feel completely worthless and i feel like nobody will ever like me. I know that having a boyfriend isnt the main goal in my life. But i do feel upset when i know that nobody wants me. I just feel worthless

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