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Monday 23rd January 2012


I keep looking at them.its hurts me to see him with her. we broke up fro a reason, i know. but still, i care. i want him back. im not gunna lie to myself and say i dont, because in reality i really do. but hes with her. i cant do anything about it. evem [..more..]

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Tuesday 17th January 2012


Trust life. That’s my new believe. It’s been said a thousand times that things always happen for a reason, but the hard part is wanting to know what that reason is. I now think that all there’s left to do is trust life, as simple and as hard as that. Doubts and fears can consume [..more..]

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Friday 13th January 2012


I wanna know why I was always the one who got left behind, forgotten and left alone, period. It’s always the same story, I feel. I mean, I can barely remember my childhood but I know I can’t remember it simply because of how many heart breaks I went through. Dealing with my parents divorce, [..more..]

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Monday 9th January 2012


I don’t think I’ve actually had any real friends… At the time in my life when you are suppose to start gaining your best friends and people you can trust I was an outcast. I’ve had friends but never anyone who I thought understood me. I’ve also been in love two times before, unhappily, and [..more..]

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Thursday 22nd December 2011


Even the I feel so satisfied with myself I still want your friendship and acceptance. For some reason you never left my mind. I hate it. Why can’t I move on completely?? What if things fell apart the right way? I don’t know.. sometimes I want to reach out to you but I’m scared. Who [..more..]

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Tuesday 20th December 2011


I am married with great kids, a beautiful home and a good paying job that pays well. It sucks that i was never able to make and hold onto any friends in my life. Yes my wife is my best friend and i am grateful for it but something is not right in my life. [..more..]

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Thursday 8th December 2011


y does he always make dumb comments about everything….he always makes me feel dum, thats why i dont share my ideas often/…. he says he loves me but for some reason he always manages to make me feel less… one day he told me that im ok but i can be “better” i just needed [..more..]

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Sunday 6th November 2011


I want that type of friendship with a guy where you guys can depend on each other, talk 24/7, trust each other with things you’d tell no one, hold each other tight and close, someone that will always be there,some one to make you smile and laugh, cuddle with you for no reason at all, [..more..]

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Friday 28th October 2011


I want to scream kick slam things around. Curse… punch someone or something.. I am so pissed…. But the thing is I have no real reason .. They didn’t like the food I cooked for the umpteenth time… I should be used to that by now… They use my stuff and don’t respect it. Don’t [..more..]

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Tuesday 18th October 2011


When can I catch a break?? I’ve hit rock bottom and can’t seem to pull myself back up. Most of the time I feel lost, Im not in control of my thoughts or surroundings. And this is the time in my life I should be the happiest, joyful that I have unconditional love. But some [..more..]

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