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Posted by on 2012/12/28 under Friends

I need to find a way to dump my friend nicely because she is taking over my old bff and my old bff is changing and i want it to be just the two of us because i feel like the third wheel. Everyday, the person who is taking over my bff is angry at me for no reason, but every time i bring up the topic of not being her friend any more, my bff says we just can’t turn our backs on her like that, which i agree to, but i mean we could still all play together sometimes, just not really be bffs. she doesn’t understand that everyday i come home from school feeling so depressed because of that other girl. one time, the mean girl said behind my back that i am ruining her life. she makes me so sad sometimes. what is considered turning your back on someone? I don’t want to be mean to any of my friends, i just don’t want to be sad anymore.

2 thoughts on “Clueless

  1. christiana says:

    i know how you feel.I suggest you make another friend and play with her more often.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for the good advice! I will try it once school starts back up after break is over!

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