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Sunday 9th January 2011

pissed off at everyone today, stop telling me to do things, honestly, just f*** off. and YOU, you’re such a prat, and the only reason you’re pretending to be interested in communicating with me is because i said it was f***ing annoying having to poke and prod and wring you dry until you spoke a [..more..]

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Saturday 11th December 2010

my reason for living is to try and help others… it gives that warm fuzzy feeling… all but for 5 seconds.. cuz when i try to help… i end up ruining everything…

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Monday 6th December 2010

i feel so alone. i miss you so f***ing much. and you’re all alone in a stupid mental hospital with people you don’t know, no contact with the outside world, and nobody to comfort you. the fact that you’re so miserably alone makes me feel more alone too. all i want is for you to [..more..]

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