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Sunday 11th March 2012


I’m not going to sit here and act like my life is horrible, because it’s not horrible. I have a great family and friends, but when it comes to finding a person to love and care about me.. it never works. I don’t understand why no one wants to love me or be in a [..more..]

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Thursday 8th March 2012


school is hard. not the learning the learning goes by quickly and easily, quite boring, but yet the day just seem infinitely long. i think the reason for tht is the people. there are just some people you want to surround myself with and never want to say goodbye, then there are those who are [..more..]

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Wednesday 7th March 2012


rhyme is a reason without cause, a thread of words with no pause, We try to catch the play of words, but with our ears they can not be heard. C.L.A

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Here’s to the ugly the misunderstood The one’s who will never Be any real good. The losers, the drop outs the back of the pack The ones no one knows, average Joe, or was it Jack? To the ones always hidden behind their own hair, To anyone who can say “I have been there.” Yes, [..more..]

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Fed up of being miserable all the f***ing time, no one cares, and the people that do don’t care enough. I thought friends were there for a reason, I was wrong.

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Monday 5th March 2012


I feel that i shouldn’t be alive. i want to die so bad but nobody understands. it isn’t a cry for help or for attention it’s just what i feel and want. i think life is pointless i mean why do i have to be alive i don’t enjoy it. i’m ugly and fat. I [..more..]

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Friday 2nd March 2012


I feel trspped. Like the stress is taking over my life. One thing after another has happened this week. It all tumbled downhill rapidly. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And when things are easy for awhile, they always get tough again. I would like to believe that you go through tough times for [..more..]

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Thursday 1st March 2012


A letter to the Greene Family (My Dad side) I do not know any of my family on your side; hell I barley know you and your my dad. I saw 2 of my half sibilings like 7 years ago, I have a sister I never met she should be 7 now, and I have [..more..]

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Friday 24th February 2012


I’m sad. I have no reason to be sad, I’m just sad. I dislike feeling the way I feel. I dislike being the person I am. I say all the wrong things…. feel all the wrong things… am all the wrong things. I’m pathetic and disgusting. I’m disappointing and annoying.

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Friday 27th January 2012


You ever just wanted to be accepted for who you were. There is two sides to me, One said a bit naturally is all happy and bubbly. The other is screaming out and raging a inner war with myself. Throughout my life everything I ever did was on spotlight. Everyone in the family knew my [..more..]

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