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Tuesday 30th October 2012

I never thought this would be how I feel.

I never thought that I would be so angry with my sister that I am disgusted by her presence. She has been seeing this guy, who is awful for her. He’s only 16 and is a flunking pothead drunk, whose parents are crackheads. Literally. The reason she knows him is because he is our cousin [..more..]

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Sunday 14th October 2012


i just got done watching a movie called shrink…it was about helping people get through their problems…mainly it was about this doctor and this girl who’s loved ones killed themselves….and they tryed every way possiable to forget it ever happen…in the end they got better but it never with away of what happen….everyday i wonder [..more..]

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Friday 12th October 2012

everything happens for a reason!

i have had my first love at a very young age..this kid isnt anything special.but he made me feel like i was important and soon i fell in love …i know this because when he stopped txting me i never gave up and for two years i have never given up …he said he loved [..more..]

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Sunday 7th October 2012

Lost and Confuse

It feels like I am six feet under, I might as well be. I recently graduated from college. I lost my job and me. I moved out of my mom’s place and moved in with my boyfriend because I was mentally stressed out. Living with my mom was very stressful. I had to take care [..more..]

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Friday 5th October 2012


I feel like such a bad, selfish person. Lately my mood has been so up and down – like one minute I’m really grateful to be alive and the next I just wish that I could either be a completely different person or stop existing altogether. Everything feels so out of control. I’m way too [..more..]

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Saturday 29th September 2012

god lifes a b****

its always me that get in trouble its always me that tags along with couples on there dates i am always b****ed about i am always the one that’s just there if they need help cause i always help them but nobody ever sees inside me even if its hard to or not i am [..more..]

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Sunday 16th September 2012

i bet theres good reason for it all

i loved you for so long. i made my mistakes and you made yours but we moved past it. i thought you loved me but i would never hurt you like that.every time you try to get back in touch with me im breathless,clueless i wish you could change your ways. you say youll always [..more..]

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Saturday 15th September 2012

you said.

you said you loved me before you said you wanted to be with me you said all these things before….but were they true? I guess not because were not together and your back with your ex boyfriend! I cant stand it, why are you doing this to me? I am a true believer in everything [..more..]

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Monday 3rd September 2012


Okay so I had this friend. We met around a year ago and we were the best of friends. I mean we’d always tell each other secrets and like everything. Until a few months later, he started hanging out with popular girls and things weren’t the same. He started ignoring me and his friends and [..more..]

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Thursday 30th August 2012

A regular kind of girl

Somewhere in the story everything can change. I feel the need to cry but for some reason I can’t anymore because I know that it’s wrong. I should not be crying over some little thing in my pathetic 17 years of life. I hate it when you tell me you miss me.. Because I am [..more..]

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