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Posted by on 2012/08/30 under Uncategorized

Somewhere in the story everything can change. I feel the need to cry but for some reason I can’t anymore because I know that it’s wrong. I should not be crying over some little thing in my pathetic 17 years of life.
I hate it when you tell me you miss me.. Because I am told you really don’t.. I hate it when You tell me it’s not okay when you “do something wrong” but you did it anyway. I never thought of it this way.. But now i know, because they tell me all the time. I can’t take all this stupid teen age life because yes I am only 17 but i am human and I do have feelings. “you will be okay ”
You and everyone else tell me all the time!! But I don’t understand how because when something so beautiful comes to me everyone finds a way to turn it all around! But I guess it’s my fault for believing that life is what you make it. And it’s true, but you are not the only one here so the things you do are always based on what others do. So why bother being someone you think you are because most of the time.. It’s not. People make you who you are. You know it’s true. So don’t keep lying to yourself!

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